It’s natural for bloggers to be interested in taking things to the “next level” with their site.  Truth be told, the topic of monetizing has both intrigued and baffled since our early days of blogging.

Although making money is not the reason that many people begin blogging, it is something most of us wonder about at one point or another.  If you find yourself in this group, then we want to help!

Our goal with The SITS Girls is to raise the bar when it comes to how bloggers and brands interact. There are plenty of networks that offer bloggers the opportunity for product reviews, free products, and unpaid opportunities, but we want to move a step beyond.

The most common question we receive from companies and brands is: Do you know any bloggers in Philadelphia? New York? Atlanta? How about Chicago or Dallas or smack dab in the middle of Kansas?

We want to change our answer from no to YES! We’d love to say we do know bloggers in a particular target market and here is how you can get in touch with them.

Let Us Help You Work With Brands

If you are interested in working on paid opportunities with brands, then become an official member of our network. We are continually collecting information on bloggers so that we can pair them with companies that make sense.

Need more details?

Here are just a few examples of paid opportunities we’ve passed onto the bloggers in our network previously:

  • Write a post and embed a video
  • Attend an exhibit opening at an museum prior to its launch to the public
  • Stop by a PR office to check out a new line of cookware
  • Attend a book signing party with an author at a local bookstore
  • Swing by a cocktail party where a brand debuts all of their upcoming holiday products
  • Come to a private party at a local retailer to meet with brand representatives as part of a focus group

If working with companies aligns with your goals and your blog, then join us.  We’ll be in touch should an opportunity arise in your part of the world!