Finding Your "Tribe"…And, Giveaway Link Up.

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Hello Ladies {And any gents stopping by!}

Wow- we are thrilled with the interest in our new forum!

If you missed yesterday’s post about social networking and joining the forum, you MUST check it out for all the info.

Our first forum activity will be “Finding Your Tribe”.   And, since SITS is all about support, it makes perfect sense that we would help you do that.  You must sign up by September 30th to be included!


The winner of the blogging tip contest is: Gillian

My tip is an old tried and trusted writing tip: Shut the door! Not literally (although maybe that too) but metaphorically. Instead of wondering who you’re trying to please (all those sponsor companies?)focus on why you came to it in the first place, what is pleasurable for YOU to write about, and write from the heart.

This is just the truth of it.  Write for YOU.  Keep it real, keep it authentic. Great advice.

Now, if you have any giveaways to link up, go right ahead!

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