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First of all…. this is our 100th post!  How exciting is that?  Almost as exciting as this:
We are giving away a Cricut Expressions….here.
If you know someone with an online shop that could benefit from some extra traffic, have them contact us, as we are getting ready to set our November calendar.
So, today’s Saturday Spotlight is her adorable embroidery shop but the prize is this super cute diaper bag. (long story, but super cute bag!!)
Even if you don’t need a diaper bag, you should still enter!  If you win, it makes a great gift, or a great prize for a contest on your own blog!
So, you know the deal, go visit Monogrammed Gifts & More (yes, more monogrammed deliciousness!) and look around.  Then, leave a comment on her blog.
Thanks for supporting these women and their businesses every week! AND, please remember that these contests are designed for SITS girls to win.. you need to have a SITS button on your site to qualify!!
The winner of the ADORABLE Monogram Stamp is:
Katie from Ritch in Love.  Congrats to Katie! (if you stop by to say congrats, turn your volume down a bit.. I almost jumped out of my seat!)
Have a great Saturday!  And, if you want a contest posted tomorrow, email it to us ASAP!
And, as always, when you see this:


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