Saturday's Favorite & The Winner!

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So, I will start with the winner:

                         JACKIE MCHALE!
Now be a good SITS Sister and go to her blog and say “Congrats!”  If you didn’t win, perk up, we’ve got another contest for you….

But before we get to that, we’d like to share a “Saturday Favorite Thing” (contest involved): Our Blog Designer, Shannon, founder and CEO of Eightcrazy Design. 

Tiffany: When I started blogging a few months back, I was so jealous of all these fancy pants and their beautiful blogs.  I swear, their posts were better because the blog was so easy to look at.  One in particular made me go bananas with it’s cuteness (Jennifer) and I knew I must make mine over.  So I spied the EightCrazy button on the ADORABLE blog and emailed Shannon.  The rest is history.  I now have a beautiful blog that showcases my poignant and philosophical words about Tampons, My Hot ObGyn and Master Bates.  Plus, Shannon stepped up and made the sauciest blog design ever for SITS.

Heather:The very first time I emailed Shannon, I think I said something along the lines of…I would like for you to create a blog layout for me, but I have no idea what I want it to look like or what colors to use or what day of the week it is right now so, can you just read my mind and make it fabulous and sassy, but not too girlie? I’m sure this made Shannon start eating the keys off of her keyboard, but she never let on. In fact, she said that alot of clients start out with no idea of what they want. She suggested I go look at some images and pick out some things that made me happy. Once I was able to narrow down “the look”, she got going on the details. The entire process was so exciting and Shannon had such great suggestions. Within a couple of DAYS I had a whole new look. She’s incredibly professional and I would highly recommend her to everyone. Everyone deserves a blog layout that reflects who they are. Your blog is your platform. Make a statement!

Now for the contest:  Shannon has been kind enough to offer up a custom banner OR one of her fantabulous pre-designed blogs  (these are awesome.)  

Here is the deal:

1.  Go to your blog right now and post about why you need to win.  You must include link back to http:eightcrazydesign.blogspot.com 

2.  Go to eightcrazydesign.blogspot.com and comment to let her know you have posted.

3. Contest ends Thursday, June 12.

4. Winner will be chosen at random.

(BTW:  Tiffany and Mama’s Losin It did some URL changing, please note that you can now find their blogs at: http://therfamilydiaries.blogspot.com  and http://mamakatslosinit.blogpsot.com 
In the process, they lost their maps.  They miss their flags…click on their names and bring back the flags.)

And, comment below to let us know that you came by.  On the weekends it gets you an extra 2 entries into the weekly “Roll Call Raffle.”


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