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As I was shopping the other day, I saw a sign that said 41 days until Christmas! What? 41 days?! That is so soon! It might seem like a lot, but once you factor in all that needs to be done, every day is gone, and its basically Christmas  Eve. I have since made an extensive to-do list, and have vowed to get it all done early, so I can enjoy the season with my little ones. On that to-do list is to dig out the beloved Elf on The Shelf, and prepare for his arrival. My son is 4 and 1/2 this year, and super excited for our Elf (which he named Kookabura) to arrive.

The Elf on The Shelf can be so overwhelming for parents. We are struggling to get everything ready for Christmas, and yet we are supposed to remember to move an Elf every night? Well have no fear, because we have some amazing Elf on the Shelf ideas and printables that will help you achieve Elf Stardom this year! This is your Elf on the Shelf survival guide.

Survive Elf On The Shelf this year with our cute printables and ideas to help your elf (and kids) have fun every day.

Elf On The Shelf Ideas

The best part about our printables is they have great ideas your kids can do each day. Have your Elf leave a fun message in the morning, and your kids will be so excited to come home from school to do the activity! Some of these have super fun, silly messages that can be used in almost any way, so get creative, and have fun this year! (This post contains affiliate links.)

Let your inner child out to play, and watch as your kids delight!

Your Elf’s Arrival

When your Elf arrives, make sure he/she has this adorable arrival letter in hand. It comes exclusively from the North Pole. A fun idea would be to make it scented like cinnamon or peppermint!

This darling Elf on the Shelf arrival letter is perfect for your Elf's debut! Make it smell like peppermint for an extra special touch!

Hot Chocolate Bubble Bath

Christmas is the season for hot chocolate. Sweet, chocolaty, frothy, and delicious, it is the ultimate winter drink. Of course elves love it too! Did you know that a hot chocolate marshmallow bath is the best way to relax?

A hot chocolate marshmallow bath is the perfect way for your Elf on the Shelf to relax!

Plant Me

Perhaps you or your children never knew how Candy Canes were made? They are, in fact, grown in a snow field at the North Pole. Elves work all year to plant Peppermint seeds, and take care to make sure they grow tall and sweet throughout the year. Let your kids try their hand at growing Candy Canes.

Did you know how to grow a candy cane? Elves do! This is one of our new favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas!

Help your little one grow candy canes this year! | Elf On The Shelf Idea

Holiday Movie Marathon

A fun way to spend time together and get excited for Christmas is by watching Christmas movies. A fun favorite of ours is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. There is a cute life lesson intertwined through the silly antics. Of course, the best way to watch is is always with Grinch Candied Popcorn! It’s one of your Elf’s favorite snacks.

Enjoy a bowl of "Grinch Popcorn" while watching a fun holiday movie. | Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Nice List

When I was growing up, my mother encouraged us to read. I am so thankful she spent countless hours with me at the library reading all the best children’s books to us. As a result, I have a great collection of hand me down classic kids books that I am able to pass to my kids.


One of our favorites is Harold and the Purple Crayon. My son loves to color, so we read this tale often. Our Elf apparently loves to draw as well! What to our wondering eyes, when we awoke, he had drawn a whole world just like Harold

Our sneaky elf drew a scene from Harold and the Purple Crayon!

Take a cue from our Elf and reenact one of your children’s favorite books.

Take a cue from a classic kids book, and have your naughty elf create an entire scene!

Build A Tree House For Your Elf

While visiting from the North Pole, your Elf will need a home. Somewhere that he can crash, and escape the stresses of spying on children. Our Elf crafted a makeshift Tree house this year for his home away from home!

Craft a cute tree house out of Popsicle sticks for your Elf On The Shelf!

Love this cute tree house for the Elf On The Shelf!

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

A major “No No” on the Elf’s list is to be a Cotton Headed Ninny muggins. What does this mean? Basically, do not be a big mean bully. It is pretty much the opposite of everything an Elf stands for.

Our Elf tells Darth Vader not to be a Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins!

To our horror Darth Vader was being exactly that. He had captured our beloved Elf and held him hostage.

Help! The evil Darth Vader has captured our Elf!

Have no fear…the Nutcrackers came to the rescue!

Dark Vader will be on the Naughty List for this one, right? | Elf On The Shelf Ideas

This year do not be daunted by The Elf on the Shelf, because our printables will save the day. Simply move your cute Elf around, add an accompanying printable, and you are good to go! I love to think outside of the box, and get creative. The sillier the better! But there are also some cute messages to help inspire your kids to do good during the holiday season, too. For instance, collecting cans for those in need.

Get prepared, everyone, because the countdown to The Elf’s arrival is on!

Cute Elf on the Shelf printables with notes from your elf and daily idea cards.

You can find this cute Elf On The Shelf Printable Pack in our Marketplace, along with other cute Christmas printables you don’t want to miss.

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