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Woodland Nursery

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Two months ago we welcomed our third child into the world. We were over the moon when we found out I was pregnant, and I instantly started to plan the nursery. I have always been a huge fan of mixing prints and patterns, and wanted to carry that into his nursery. A week before Levi arrived, I was able to put the finishing touches on our Woodland Nursery.

Create a beautiful woodland nursery for a baby boy. Includes great tips for a gallery wall, and finding the perfect prints and patterns.

Woodland Nursery

It’s so much fun to decorate a baby’s room. The anticipation of meeting the baby also helps add to the excitement. My Woodland Nursery was originally designed to be gender neutral. We decided not to find out the sex, so I had to make sure I could spin the nursery to fit a boy or girl. I was inspired by an outdoor prep school theme for the backbone of the room.

room with rug

Loving this cute nursery for a baby boy!

When I first start decorating a room I find my staple pieces and then build around them. My staples for this room were the plaid rug, the black dresser, and my beautiful dog painting.

Dresser with library inspired drawer pulls.

The dresser was a labor of love for me. I found a cheap dresser at the thrift store and transformed it to meet my vision. I painted the dresser in a black chalk paint and added some library inspired drawer pulls. Next to the dresser I found a tiered metal storage system that I stocked with diapers and all other baby essentials!

This cute plaid nursery is so on trend!

Woodland Nursery Gallery Wall

My second project was to create a gallery wall. Gallery walls are something that can either be amazing or ruin a room. My personal opinion is that the best gallery walls are always curated and put together over time. I think it is best to collect pieces naturally as you find them, as opposed to going out and collecting everything at once.

Mix and match patterns, graphics, and inspirational sayings for the perfect gallery wall.

I love mixing inspiration quotes, shapes, prints, and pictures to help the wall feel organic and eclectic.

gallery wall

When arranging a gallery wall, I first arrange all of my pieces on the ground, and then take a picture of it on my phone for reference. After I have my reference picture, I hang my center piece, and build outward.

Use prints and inspirational sayings in your gallery wall.

Do not go crazy measuring everything to make sure it is perfectly aligned.  A gallery wall looks best when you eyeball it.

Baby boy nursery and gallery wall.

Woodland Nursery Bedding

For the bedding I mixed various plaid, polka dots, and colors to help give it a homey feel. It is ok to mix patterns and colors as long as they stay in the same theme and color wheel. Just make sure you choose a main pattern and then collect other patterns to accent the main one.

Mix and match patterns in your crib. Love the cute Pokey Puppy pillow for a baby boy's nursery.

Love this cute plaid and polka dot looks!

Obviously, Levi can not sleep with the pillows, but I think that they are the perfect accent for the room when the bed is “made.” Another favorite purchase was the rocker. I searched high and low to find the perfect chair. It is super comfortable and also fits the vibe of the room with it’s tufted back.

The perfect rocking chair for a nursery.

My final touch was the whimsical marquee light.  It is the perfect night light!

Add a fun marquee light to your nursery for some whimsy!

For the final touches I added a fury foot stool, furry rug, and a faux log stool. I found some cute baskets and added those under the crib for some extra storage!

Don’t be afraid to try stuff out when decorating! It is such a great idea to buy things to test out and return if they end up not working. You need the room to work with your life and create the perfect mood. I love quiet moments spent in this room rocking Levi to sleep at night.

Create the perfect baby boy nursery with a woodland theme. Click through to see the full room and get great tips for a gallery wall.

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