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10 Things to Let Go Of On Your Blog In 2014

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Let’s be honest – blogging is stressful! Do you find yourself in a constant circle of writing blog posts, promoting your blog posts, commenting on other blogs just to do it all again the next day? Or are you carrying around more blogging stress than you should be? If so, 2014 needs to be the year you let go of that stress!

Blogging should not be a burden, it should be something you do because you have a passion for it.

10 Things to Let Go of in 2014

10 Things to Let Go Of In 2014

If you are feeling overly stressed or worn out, it might be time to rethink things and possibly let go of some of those burdens.

1. Let go of the “I’m not good enough” thought process. Are you holding yourself back from being the best you possible? If so you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t push themselves hard enough because they simply think they are not good enough! Everything day remind yourself that you are good enough to achieve success. Remember not to determine success based off what someone else considers success.

2. Stop writing for sponsors. We all want to land sponsored posts opportunities since they are a vital way of earning money in this space. However, if you solely write for sponsors you will end up losing opportunities. Remember why you started blogging in the first place and rekindle that passion you once had for blogging. Your passion for what you blog about will show, and that is what will bring in awesome sponsored posts opportunities.

3. Stop feeling guilty. Do you find yourself feeling guilty you didn’t comment on X number of blogs today, didn’t read all of your friends posts or retweet enough stuff? Don’t feel guilty, simply aim to do your best everyday.

4. Let go of the jealousy. It’s very easy to get jealous when you see another blogger getting paid trips or awesome sponsored posts opportunities. Let go of the jealousy and let in happiness. If a blogger is getting paid trips or really great sponsored posts opportunities they are working very hard to achieve that. Be happy for that blogger and start paying attention to what he or she does. Watch how they engage their readers on social media, how they write sponsored posts and anything else you can pick up on. Try learning from them instead of being jealous of them.

5. Stop watching your analytics. Whether you are getting 50 visitors a day on your blog or thousands, we all want more traffic! But, watching our analytics daily is not going to bring in more traffic. Not only will it not bring in more traffic, it will frustrate you when you’re not getting the results you want. Assign one day a month that you spend time going over your analytics in depth. This will allow you to get a clearer picture of what’s working and what isn’t. Tracking your analytics on a monthly basis instead of a daily basis will also feel a lot more rewarding.

6. Stop trying to do it all. We simply can not do it all! We are moms, wives, grandma’s, business women and much more. There is only so much time in the day and you will drive yourself crazy trying to do it all. Most people that appear to do it all either have help or less visual part of their life is lacking. Set small goals everyday and strive to get those goals done.

7. Stop talking and start doing! We often talk a lot about goals and things we want to accomplish in life. Maybe you’ve talked about starting a new website or creating a series on your blog. Now is the time to stop talking about it and just make it happen! You will never accomplish your goals if you only talk about them.

8. Let go of making it to the top. Lets face it, only a handful of bloggers end up with a book deal, a TV show or making tons of money. Don’t beat yourself up trying to make it to the top. Be grateful for the victories you do accomplish. Maybe you increased your Facebook following by 1k or had a post go viral on Pinterest. Celebrate these accomplishments! Write blog posts for your readers and not for the sake of becoming famous, in the end you will win.

9. Let go of huge goals. It’s easy to start off the New Year saying you want to have 50k Facebook fans by the end of the year. But how are you going to make that happen? Instead of setting huge goals, start setting monthly more obtainable goals. Breaking those large goals up into bite size pieces will give small victories to celebrate as you reach them. It also gives you a chance to strategize and determine what’s working and what isn’t.

10. Stop fearing the unknown. If you don’t jump in with both feet, you will never know what could have been. Attend a blog conference this year, try new social media strategies or open up your niche to other topics. Don’t be afraid of trying something new! The reward is often worth the risk.


Let’s hear from you!

What do you want to let go of this year?


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  • Well, what can I say… this post simply resonates my own thoughts. It’s great to read this post just so that I can re-iterate these points to myself. Easier said than done though because blogging has become an alter ego for me. It’s almost like my pseudo identity and when people don’t recognise that, I start feeling that I am not being recognised. Have a fabulous year and thanks once again for writing a post that I am bookmarking as my conscience 🙂

    PS: I did change the sidebar to the right as you had suggested.

  • Abby says:

    Awesome post! Thank you for sharing! I needed to hear some of that! 😉

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  • Great post! I’ve only been blogging for others who don’t already know be for about 9 months and if I don’t post for 3 or 4 days, I get that guilty, I should be writing feeling. Trying to do it all is too much sometimes. So one of the things I hope to do this year is to let it go and let inspiration lead, not the calendar!

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  • Thanks for the wake-up call!

  • Marty Walden says:

    I needed this reminder today. I was telling another blog friend that I get laser focused, but I just need to step back and evaluate. Great post. Thanks!

  • Jen says:

    Great post. Because of this post I just submitted a guest post to a larger blog. Letting go off gear and procrastination in 2014.

  • Tonya says:

    Great post!

    I’m going to let go of some social media this year. It sounds counter productive to say I’m not going to use Twitter and LinkedIn and maybe even Facebook much, but I’m determined to focus on Google+ and Pinterest and I know I cannot do everything. So I am mentally letting go of some of them and trying to be comfortable with not posting there as much.

  • Gracielle says:

    2014 is the year I blog simply because I love doing it – writing, connecting, creating. I had to let go of the idea that I can quit my full-time job and blog for a living! But that’s okay, I kinda like my job!

  • Sonya says:

    Great advice, I like making goals for the quarter vs. monthly or yearly. I also like to tell myself slow and steady wins the race.

  • Love this, Kristi! I need to let go of the need to comment, share, and support everyone! You are right, we have so many on our plates and trying to do them all is a recipe for disaster. We need to keep it fun and keeping the “why” in mind all the time.
    Thanks for the reminder 😉

  • Great post: it is so time to stop feeling guilty about the things I don’t do. That said, I would settle for 1000 FB likers, nevermind increasing them by 1000!

  • Sara says:

    I agree with the entire list. I just took a little time off over the holidays to spend with friends and family and felt guilty that I was neglecting my blog. Remembering your priorities and what comes first is so important. It’s so true to just do your best. As bloggers we all want to succeed, but we all have our own journey to take in getting there. Thanks for a great post to kick off 2014!

  • Great post! This year I need to not worry about engaging on all social media fronts. I am going to be 2-3 and focus on those and then let the others build as slow or fast as they do. Its not worth it, I would rather play with my 20 month old son then strive in all areas.

  • Some great tips! Lately I haven’t been posting as often on my blog. I think that has lost some readers, so for 2014 I want to do more posts. Happy New Year!

  • I want to let go of the guilt and let go of trying to do it all. That’s tough. So glad you guys recognize it!

  • Erin says:

    I love every one of these! I should print this out and put it in my blogging binder!

  • Re: #6
    We’re also dudes, dads, boyfriends and husbands.

  • Great advice! I definitely can relate to the one about analytics and I will put it into practice. Thanks!

  • Ruby says:

    great tips for a blogger like me..i would say, it was a passion for the first time but in the long run, when i don’t receive that much opps anymore because i lost my PR, blogging is no more fun…i hope 2014 will be a better year for blogging..still hoping that i will continue to blog…no matter what! i juts need and inspiration..thank for this great trips. happy new year!

  • I definitely need to let go of obsessing over the analytics….I look at them all the time and it frustrates me more than anything. I have to be happy that anyone’s reading at all since starting in July! More than anything I’d just really like to have a committed following!

  • amy volk says:

    I sooooo needed to hear all of this. I am feeling a bit burned out right now and digging deep for my purpose in blogging. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Corlie says:

    What a great aim for 2014- to let go! I love it.I am going to let go of looking at my analytics, I look every day two or three times. And why?! Once or twicw a month is plenty and will still help me know what worked during that month and what didn’t!

  • My take away from your post is to be brave while being kind to myself – be daring but not judgmental. Sounds like a recipe for a good year!

  • Mamapotamus says:

    I love #4. I am a true believer in supporting other women and cutting out the jealousy…. but WOW it can be tough! It’s not that I’m not happy for the other blogger, but sometimes I just wish it were me. I try to congratulate them sincerely and offer support. Networking is key, but friendships are even better!

  • LeSha Brewer says:

    Great post! You took all that I’ve been thinking and worrying about and it’s relief to see that I can let go! Awesome tips 🙂

  • Laura says:

    My problem has been expecting perfect writing…and not posting cause it’s not perfect! Thank you!

  • Lorretta says:

    YES! Now, I confess, I have been an analytics junkie but I’m slowly weaning myself off! 😉 But I’ve also let go of the “bandwagon” mentality that drives folks to platform build and over-produce. Thanks!

  • Great reminders, especially coming out of the busy holiday blogging season.

  • Rhonda says:

    stop talking and start doing…I love that one!

  • Barb Morden says:

    Great post and much needed advice!

  • Barb Morden says:

    Great advice and definitely needed. Thx

  • Amazing post! We have to stop stressing over small things!

  • Barbie says:

    I couldn’t agree more!

  • Charlotte says:

    I’m all for celebrating small victories, too. I learned early on that I probably would never get a book deal or a movie made BUT I learned so much about myself through my blogging and feel so grateful for the friendships I have made.

    Thanks for this–great post! And happy new year 🙂

  • Great post for the New Year. Thanks!!

  • It is refreshing to read about supporting and having joy for each other instead of another “how to climb to the top” view

  • Alison says:

    Thank you, I needed to hear that! I’m still trying to find my place with my blog and I tend to compare my blog to others’, even if they aren’t related in any way, and get in a “I’m not good enough” funk! Great write up!!

  • Thank your for sharing and yes it is so helpful and mind opening. You are right! This year should be a less stressful blogging kind of year and just focus more on your passion and the reason why I started blogging. I also want to make it more fun and not more of a stressful work. I am also a mom to two and I want to spend more time with my kids than my laptop and my blog. Happy New Year!

  • Amber says:

    Fantastic tips! I so agree. I try not to compare my blog with others. My blog is MINE so therefore, it’s not going to be like others.

  • Excellent tips! I find trying to stay on the Zen side of things when it comes to blogging to be the way to go for me. No, I’m not just sitting here hoping opportunities will come my way. I do pursue them. But, I take a “what is meant to be, will be” approach to it all.

  • Justin says:

    Great post and tips! I’m still debating going to a local one day blogging conference. I also tend to go over my posts too much before I finally hit the post button. Definitely need to work on that.

  • Heather says:

    I agree! Great post!

  • Meredith says:

    Great post! I have a hard time struggling with looking at those stats!! I’m getting better at NOT looking at them, but maybe 2014 should be the year to just write and not care who sees. 🙂