Daily Courage: You Have It, Too

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When you think of “courage,” who crosses your mind?

I always immediately think of people who have overcome despite great odds – whether it’s surviving cancer, a dramatic military rescue, or a person who has made their own success.

But I also think it’s important for us to recognize that each of us lives fearlessly each day. The daily courage we each exhibit – the small leaps we make every day into the unknown – leads to personal growth.


I’ve been inspired by so many other women’s stories of courage – the courage to make a small, but impactful choice – and there are so many ways that we all demonstrate courage every day.

Setting Priorities

We all have been at that place where we suddenly realize that our priorities are seriously out of alignment. It might be that you are focused so much on your kids that you forget your husband needs you. It might be that you spend too much time on social media. It might be that you’re not giving 100% at work like you should. Every woman who has the mindfulness to be aware, and then act to realign priorities, shows courage.

Being An Advocate

Someone told me once that no one will advocate for your child the way that you can. No one will advocate for YOU the way that you can, either. When you step up and you advocate for something you really believe in, whether it’s asking your child’s teacher to pay her extra attention, or convincing someone why you’re the best person for the job, you are showing amazing bravery.

Going With Your Gut

I’m a big believer in doing what feels right. But oftentimes, doing what feels right in one’s gut defies everything one’s brain is saying. It takes courage to pick up the phone and make that call you’ve been putting off. It takes courage to send out a query letter on your great American novel. It takes courage to decide to switch your child’s school.

Showing Vulnerability

Nothing takes more courage than exposing one’s own vulnerabilities. I think many of us fall victim to the belief that we have to do it all and be it all. But when we are able to be brave enough to show our failings and challenges, we are able to let more people in and inspire. People aren’t inspired by perfection, they’re intimidated by it. People are inspired by authenticity. It takes courage to show your authentic self every day, be it in your writing, with your husband, or elsewhere.

I’ll bet that if you take a moment, you’ll recognize the small acts of courage you’ve demonstrated recently, and how each of those helps us, and the people around us, grow.

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