How To Find More Creativity In Your Life

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I know some people who would say the following about themselves, “I’m not a creative person.” I beg to differ. Many people equate creativity with people who are artists, dancers, designers, teachers, and so on. However, creativity is something that happens in all of our lives. Every. Single. Day. Not just for people who are those artists, dancers, designers, or whatever. As defined by Merriam-Webster, creativity is “the ability to make new things or think of new ideas.” If you say you are not creative, you’ve just applied a HUGE limiting belief to your mindset. There are opportunities to be creative in almost every decision you make, it’s up to you to recognize these opportunities to find more creativity in your life as they cross your path!

If you think you’re lacking in the creativity department, try some of these things…

There are opportunities to be creative in almost every decision you make, use these tips to recognize these opportunities to find more creativity in your life as they cross your path!

How To Find More Creativity In Your Life


Seriously. Learning sparks creativity. Go out and learn a new skill or try starting a new hobby. Try coding, build a blog, go to a lecture at a local college or museum — it doesn’t matter what you try, just pick something that lights up your brain for the time being. Maybe it will stick, or maybe it won’t, but the time you’ve spent opening up your mind to something new or different will make a difference.

Walt Disney once said that “Ideas come from curiosity” and he was right. If you experienced something you liked, take that new experience and think about the ways you can implement those skills at work or help a loved one. Think creatively and find ways to keep new things happening in your life.


I’m not saying to find the most artistic person you can find ask them to teach you their ways. I’m saying surround yourself with the people who are living the type of life you want to live or people you admire and respect. Maybe you don’t think you have any creative people in your circle of friends, but I bet you do. These are the people who are showing ambition in their lives, the people who are cooking fancy meals and posting them on Instagram, the people who are pooling resources for fundraisers, and the people who are seeing needs and finding ways to meet them.

I’ve heard that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so you might want to choose them wisely. If you pick the right ones, they’ll inspire you. Think of creativity as something contagious – something you’ll eventually catch.


Make it a goal to disconnect from your electronic devices for at least an hour a day for a week. During that hour, go observe nature, read a book, write in a journal, cook a great meal, and try not to consume more information. In this busy world where we are always on call and on information overload, time to disconnect is vital.

Sit in the park and people watch, create stories about the people who walk by, enjoy the ambiance – anything that allows you to observe the world around you with an open mind. Change what stimuli you are exposed to and see some new results as you are opened up to more creativity.

Creativity is all around us! In nature, in our children, in our day-to-day life, we are surrounded by opportunities to observe creativity and to be creative ourselves. It’s just up to us to recognize them!

How can you increase your creativity today?

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  • After years of objecting myself to the dark ages of my creativity, I’ve finally found it again. Creativity is something I will never allow to again be lost from my life. I’m not the best and struggle with wanting to keep up with the best. But it is still a joy in my life that brings peace to my soul. I’ll be sure to use some of your ideas!

  • Really very well written. Thanks.

  • DNN says:

    Through all the internet challenges and today’s politics, bloggers and internet marketers continue to find joy doing what they love; turning passion into profit. I love the internet because it allows me to be me creatively without a worry in the world. I can be me and write with original creative skills in my spare time and as I please. I can creatively build beautiful blogging relationships with fellow bloggers and put people first before profits. I’m inspired when I read blogs from others such as yourself SitGirls and learn about your humble beginnings to blogging greatness. Just being online gives me lots of hope I too can turn writing creativity into long term profitability. Thanks for this inspiring post. 🙂