Inspired and Finding Balance

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I don’t know if women are hard wired to simply agree to take on every pressing matter that comes our way, but it seems like a majority of us struggle at finding balance with our responsibilities. Is it even possible?

We have kids and homes to care for, jobs to contribute to, finances to manage, marriages to nourish, and oh yeah…those friends we used to see in person.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed and struggling to manage it all, these are some of the tricks I use to inspire myself to either do better…or to be okay with what I CAN do:

1. Write

Whether it’s blogging about a particular problem or drafting out a to do list, writing relieves me of extra stress I carry and inspires me to tackle my to do’s, one item at a time.

2. Turn it Off

The outside world is a huge distraction these days. I know we love our TV and our fancy phones and our internet connections, but the truth is we will survive just fine without them. Turning these items off for a few hours is a great way to give attention to hobbies or tasks you’ve been ignoring…like, I don’t know, cooking healthy dinners for your family (if you’re me!).

3. Retail Therapy

I realize not all women love to shop like I do, but I firmly believe that when we feel good about the way we look, there’s an extra bounce in our step. When I’m not distracted by physical insecurities I’m able to focus that attention on other things. Confidence is inspiring!

4. Women are Amazing

Seriously, have you seen some of the things we’ve accomplished? Writers, singers, doctors, mothers, cooks…we do it all! I’m constantly inspired by the work accomplished by all woman I meet. We all have such different stories and different purposes. We struggle to balance all of the things that are important to us, but at the same time…we’re kind of doing it! As a collective, women are getting. things. done!

5. Let It Go

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I would never be the woman who could just ‘do it all’. I’m not perfect. There will always be dirty laundry in this house. I will always have mornings where I’m hunting to find lost shoes before the school bus pulls up. I realize that the reality is we’re human and we’re not supposed to do it all or have all the answers. So I don’t. I let go of the idea that I’ll ever be on top of it all and there’s some real peace in that!

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  • Traci Lehman says:

    Walking and exercise makes me feel great…shopping not so much. That is because I hate shopping! 🙂 Your list is great and we women are fantastic!

  • Patricia says:

    With life moving so quickly, balance is essential for me. Through meditation, yoga, just sitting and watching the sky or the trees blow in the wind helps bring me back to my center. I luckily sit by a window at work and can turn and take a breath to bring myself back to balance and be able to continue working without getting frazzled. Great article ~ thank you.

  • Marie Cole says:

    Balance is a tough one…Doing great with my business but sort of neglecting house life now, it’s always something right? ;0

  • Leaded weights.

    Always works.

  • Amy says:

    I stop. It sounds so simple but it really isn’t. Sometimes I just have to acknowledge that I’ve done all I can for the day and now it’s time for bed, or relaxing, or sewing.

  • Tracie says:

    Balance is hard. One thing that I do is, ask for help! It seems so simple (of course, I’m bad at it, so for me it is REALLY hard!) and basic, but it makes a huge difference! It relieves stress and pressure. It frees up time to do more important things (or less important things that just make you feel good!).