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4 Ways to Find {And Keep} Your Motivation

By Oct 31, 2016282 Comments

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Do you ever find it hard to sit down and write? Are you lacking blogging motivation?

The scene: I’m falling asleep at the computer. Again. On the desk in front of me is the Popsicle wrapper from the treat I ate earlier today, cookies, the paperwork I didn’t get to this week, to do lists scribbled on scraps of paper, and the photo book I am still promising myself I will work on.

And as I look at my cluttered desk, I’m also reminded of all the things I didn’t do, like exercise, finish the laundry, call a friend back, and buy dishwasher detergent at the grocery store.

Rather than excitedly looking forward to starting a new week and making weekend plans, the disappointment of everything I didn’t get done last week weighs down on me like a ton of bricks.

I find myself in this same slump more and more. As the year wears on, and the holidays add even more demands and expectations, I’m worried. How will I be able to manage? How can I possibly get everything done?

I came to a realization today: I can’t. There will never be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I need to.

And that’s OK.

Are you lacking blogging motivation? Feeling overwhelmed by a todo list that is way too long? These 4 simple steps will help you feel better and get you writing again!

4 Ways To Find (And Keep) Your Blogging Motivation

If you find yourself feeling like I do, here are a few tips that we both can keep in mind to stay motivated, especially when all signs point to failure:

Realize that motivation ebbs and flows. Motivation is not a constant. It comes and goes. Recognize that while it may fade, it doesn’t do so permanently. Your motivation will return.

Start small, really small. If you are having a hard time getting started on the path to accomplish your goals, it may be because you’re thinking too big. I know that when I consider starting an exercise routine, I’m over the top. I tell myself I am going to work out for an hour a day, at least five times a week. (Um, in what world?) Try taking small steps instead; maybe start out with exercising for only 2 minutes. While this may seem overly simple and pathetic, it works.

Build on small successes. Again, if you start off small, then you’re chance of success is much greater. You can’t fail if you start with something ridiculously easy. Take your achievements and build on them. Add another 2-3 minutes of exercise. With each step you accomplish, you’ll find the motivation to keep moving forward.

Call for help when your motivation deserts you. Having trouble? Ask for help. It may simultaneously be the hardest and easiest thing you do. Join an online writing group. Get a partner to join you. Call your mom. It doesn’t matter what exactly. What’s important is that you share your burden with someone and get advice.

Finding ways to stay motivated is not easy, especially when we so often rush through our daily tasks, trying to finish as much as we can.

My challenge to you today is to recognize what you are able to get done, rather than focusing on everything you are not. Doing so might help you get motivated and stay positive more than you ever thought possible.

About Francesca

Francesca has an extensive background in content marketing, public relations, and social outreach. She oversees all Operations at Sway Group, including our robust metrics capabilities. Prior to joining the online world, Francesca oversaw viticulture and oenology at various wineries in both California and Italy, and managed regulatory affairs and facility approvals at the biotech company, Genentech. Francesca has been featured on CBS Sacramento and Food Blogger Pro’s podcast. She has also hosted an AMA webinar and spoken at Social Media World.


  • CJ says:

    My motivation is to get something done that is on my list before my son wakes up from his nap. Time is limited so I know that if I don’t start right away I’ll get annoyed with myself that I “wasted” my free time.

  • Pam Allen says:

    BTW~ really needed this article, thank you! Going through some motivation problems this week! THANKS!!

  • Colleen says:

    Great post. I stay motivated by getting enough sleep and not having unrealistic expectations about what I can get done. Also, gratitude for everything that I do get done, helps.

  • Looking forward to implementing these tips! Everyone needs to be re-motivated sometimes.

  • Francesca, sounds like your desk and mine must be “related”. What a timely post, and wonderful tips and advice.

    How do I stay motivated? It has a lot to do with my two girls. I want them to be happy; to feel loved, secure, and motivated themselves. I definitely get overwhelmed by the piles o’ stuff that accumulate (paperwork, laundry, dishes, etc.) but I agree that it helps to start small. I hack away at one little project at a time, and try to balance it with special and happy moments of focus with my daughters.

  • Shelby says:

    This post spoke to me!!! motivation has been hard to come by and the advice was refreshing!

    Sometimes something as simple as getting enough sleep is good for my motivation.

  • Excellent tips. I think most of us struggle to keep it together in a too-busy life. Thanks for the inspiration and help!

  • Amy says:

    A little behind, but great post thanks for the push.

  • B says:

    I am a list keeper. I must have a To-Do list so that when I accomplish something I can cross it off. I don’t focus on the long list that still awaits me, I get immediate satisfaction from crossing off that one thing.

  • Kelly says:

    Great advice!! 🙂

  • vickie says:

    Years ago I heard a presentation on time management that suggested to try and accomplish 3 things from your ‘to-do’ list each day. When I feel overwhelmed, I just choose three things from the list and I feel like I’m accomplishing something!

  • anne says:

    It may seem silly but writing a to do list helps me. I love the thrill of crossing off another item on my list. I feel like I have accomplished so much even if the item I crossed off was something as easy as taking out garbage. I always make sure there are a few really easy items to help get me started.

  • PatriciaD says:

    I love this. We are all susceptible to the vicissitudes of life. They grab us and don’t want to let go…but if we realize it’s just part of life and don’t beat ourselves up over and pull ourselves up and get going again “this too shall pass” will get us through.

    I loved this today, thank you!

  • Great post, thank you.

  • Adriel says:

    That’s a great post! Motivation certainly does ebb and flow. My strategy is usually to have two columns in my to-do list for the day – one “must” and one “maybe”. I try to keep the “must” list really basic – seriously *only* the stuff that absolutely can’t wait. And then… if I also get to any of the “maybe” stuff, I look at it as a bonus. Like extra credit – nice, and totally gratifying, but not essential! My other trick is for days that seem totally overwhelming: I put stuff on the list like brush teeth, take shower, make bed, etc. just so I can have extra things to cross off and make me feel better. 😉

  • It’s all about a to do list so I can cross things off!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

  • lynn hahn says:

    My family motivates me. I think of my son and want to be a good example to him and to my new daughter in law. You can tell your kids to be organized and go live life but if you don’t do it they generally won’t either.

    I do start with small bites as you suggested. I do have big dreams though. I tell myself over and over to enjoy the journey and not to focus only on the destination. I don’t limit my dreams though. If they come true it’s a real bonus but I’m not going to crumble if they don’t. That takes the pressure off so I can walk forward and have fun.

  • christy says:

    i find that lack of time, rather than motivation is my challenge.

  • Gillian says:

    I stay motivated through knowing readers are tuning in to what I’m blogging about. I know from my site stats what days are most popular for me, so try to update my blog then. Plus I’ve been adding news stories to the site (more hits than the blog!) so don’t want to let my readers down by not keeping it fresh and up to date.

  • Ginny says:

    I stay motivated by trying to fit in me time. I love to read, so that is one way I take some time for myself. If you do something for yourself on a regular basis, even a few minutes on a Sunday, it really helps you stay motivated the rest of the week.

  • Diana says:

    Great topic!

    I’m motivated by keeping everything in my life simple… I have to since I’m caregiver for my disabled husband AND have my own health problems. Plus, I try to do a few things for me… a 30-minute bike ride each day if possible is my favorite me-activity.

    Happy weekend to everyone! Enjoy your blessings. ♥

  • Alicia says:

    I work on staying motivated by reading, walking especially when I’m stressed out. I also try to talk to my mom or friend if I feel super fried…

  • Thanks for your post – it is tough when your motivation and zest for life get lost in the midst of all the small and large tasks that our lives demand from us…. Thanks for reminding me that asking for help is a sign of strength 🙂

  • Alicia says:

    This was an excellent post. I can’t tell how many times I’ve felt like this…Just a nice reminder. Have a Nice Weekend!

  • I’m a huge believer in the mighty list! You can’t beat the satisfaction in crossing things off as you complete them!

  • Robin says:

    This is encouraging! Thanks for this post!

  • This was a very inspirational post.

  • Janet says:

    Yes, I am realizing this slowly myself, there will ALWAYS be items still on my “to do” list.

  • I too am a list maker but no longer beat myself up if I don’t get it all done. I simply think about how successful the next day will be and I make it happen!

  • Ginny Marie says:

    I am super late today. But I motivated myself to clean the bathrooms this morning…mostly because I knew that if I didn’t do it today, I wouldn’t be able to get to it for another week! (Oh, and hubby took the children out of the house. That always helps!)

  • elizabeth says:

    my husband and 2 of my kids had to drag me out of the house and away from my weekend work to have a little fun, because I just never seem to get to the bottom of the “to-do” list. discouraging, and motivation sure does fly out the window…didn’t even get a new post up this week! oh well, I can see I’m not the only one with the same issue. happy weekend ladies!

  • Great post, Francesca! I smiled at your suggestion to set goals for little things that are easy to have success at to build to bigger accomplishments. We do that with our kidlets. One easily gets down on themselves and so we start asking this kidlet to complete tasks that we know they are easily able to achieve in order for them build on their successes & thrive.

    Amazing that we don’t take our own advice sometimes, isn’t it? But, its great to belong to a community of women who remind us how important that is!!

    As for how I stay motivated?? That’s always an ongoing journey. For me, what I’ve found to work best is to keep an eye out for the little things in life that make me smile. A sweet kidlet’s laugh, a butterfly flitting by, a beautiful creation I’ve made or I’ve blurfed my way to online, a cat sunning herself on the deck (looking utterly comfortable in the sunshine), someone who holds the door open, and right this very second, watching my children dance together while we all listen to some ’80s music….the list could go on and on. :> That’s what happens when you can keep an eye out for it! :>

    Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend!

  • It is so hard. So hard. I love the start small step. 🙂

  • Helena says:

    Oh hey, this is my problem right now!

  • I try to make lists, and TRY soooo hard to cross off everything. It never works. There is always somthing I didn’t so, and I always feel guilty. :-(. I’m working on it! Great post!

  • Jen says:

    I liked this post very, very much. 🙂

  • Great Post!
    Just posted a letter myself in college at http://www.zen-mama.com

  • Dianna says:

    Thanks for this lovely post — it really hits home for me about now, and your words of wisdom are certainly appreciated. 🙂

  • Great post. Nice to know we’re not alone! I need to set tiny goals every day to tackle some of the more daunting tasks I have on my list.

  • Kristin says:

    Good post!! Getting motivated…try to take thinks one day at a time, write realistic daily goals each day, and pray for strength and patience to get it all done!! 🙂

  • Nikkolish says:

    I definitely struggle with finding motivation at times. I think having supportive people in my life is what gets me through. Gotta love girlfriends!

  • Regina says:

    Happy Saturday my SITSas….

  • Yes, motivation ebbs and flows–especially about eating right.

  • Ashlee says:

    A Little late but better than never!

    Happy Saturday SITSas!

  • Emma says:

    Sounds just like my usual kind of week but lists are the way forward!!! Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!

  • Katy says:

    I make a list, cross off as I go, continue to add as I go and if something is on there too long, I focus on it until it’s complete.

  • Tania says:

    Great tips!

    Happy Saturday!

  • Yuliya says:

    Motivation? not today folks…maybe tomorrow :)Happy Saturday!