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Why Inspiration and Passion Are Vital In Blogging

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In an era filled with more blogs and bloggers than ever, it is imperative that you stick out amongst the crowd. Now you may be thinking, how do I do this? The answer is simple…blog with inspiration and passion! Find the things and people that mean the most to you, and use them to inspire how you blog.

what is your inspiration and passion

What Is Your Inspiration and Passion?

Here are a few things that I am personally passionate about and use as inspiration in my writings.

1.) Family

I believe that it is key to have family support! After all, they are usually the closest people to you are there for you no matter what. I cannot tell you how great the feeling is knowing that I can go to my family for advice on topics and use their wisdom as inspiration for my writings. This is also a good idea because my opinion on a topic may not always be correct and having other people express their opinions to me allows me the ability to see a new outlook and learn from it.

2.) Life

Life is a passion of mine because life is short and the time we have should be taken advantage of. I not only want to leave some memories when my time comes, but I want to leave a legacy. I want people to admire my work and I want to live on through it. Remember that time here with friends and family is precious, so use your time wisely and use the joys of life as an inspiration in your writing.

3.) Creativity

I am passionate about creativity because I know that it can bring a smile to the gloomiest face. Creativity usually takes something that seems ordinary to the naked eye and transforms it into something completely different that wows people. Generally speaking, people like creativity and those who are not creative themselves enjoy reading and observing creative elements around them. Be sure to use some creativity in your blogging so that your work is not just a jumble of words but instead, a masterpiece.

4.) Relevance

When it comes to blogging, it is required that you stay current, or even a little ahead of everyone else. If your work is based on things from the past that nobody is interested in, you are not going to have many readers. Keep an eye out for things going on around you that seems to interest people and blog about those topics. If people see that you are blogging on interesting topics, they are more likely to click on your blog and who knows, they may become a permanent reader!

These are just a few passions of mine that I use to inspire my blog. I believe that an inspired person is much more capable of writing a good piece than a person just writing because they feel they should. Go out and find what passions you have, and try to allow them to inspire the way you write. Not only will it make writing more enjoyable, but it will make the audience thirsty for more of your work.

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