10 New Year’s Resolutions You Shouldn’t Make This Year

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With the New Year, people are ready to make changes. Some are wise and useful, why others are unreasonable and foolish. I have some New Year’s resolutions you shouldn’t make this year.

Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Here are a few resolutions you do NOT want to make.

New Year’s Resolutions You Shouldn’t Make This Year

Some may be serious, and some may be a little tongue in cheek, but the goal is to get you thinking about how to make better resolutions – resolutions that are actually do-able.

1) I will go to the gym.

Wait! Read more, because there is a method to this madness. Yes, you do want to go to the gym, but just saying that you will go to the gym isn’t specific. Does it mean you’ll get serious and go at least 3 times a week, or will you just happen to step in the door of the gym for one day?

Perhaps you should specify how often you plan to go so the idea is more convincing.

2) I will go to bed on time.

Does anyone go to sleep on time? What is bed time? Depending on your lifestyle, your bedtime may be different from the next person. Life happens, and you may need to go to a club, or happen to have some type of event that extends later. Keep your options open.

It’s probably better to resolve to at least sleeping 6-8 hours a night.

3) I will eat healthier.

Sometimes eating healthier means something different to each person. Are you going to go on a real plan recommended by a nutritionist? Are you going to help yourself to healthy food, but eat more than a serving size?

Expanding on how you plan to eat healthier is more ideal for your New Years resolutions.

4) I will become a better person.

What does that mean? Are you horrible?

Why not list what flaws you believe you have, and how you want to improve them?

5) I want to lose 20 pounds this month.

Don’t put a number on losing weight. You will get so obsessed over it.

If you have to pick a number, why not choose a reasonable number?

6) I will become a better parent.

The phrase may seem innocent, but yet again, like resolving to become a better person, wanting to become a better parent might come off to some as you are doing something that may not be good for your kids.

Really think about what changes you would like to see, and list what you want to improve.

7) I will be successful this year.

Success can’t be measured. It’s something you feel. A lot of people compare their progress to others in order to determine their success.

Rather than saying that you want to be successful as part of your New Years resolutions, perhaps it’s best to make specific goals, and state that you will feel that you are going to be successful if you reach certain them.

8) I’m going on __________ diet.

Each person is different. Whether you go with a no-carbohydrates diet or fully vegan, consult with a doctor and nutritionist over whether you can handle such a change, or the best way to transition into such a diet. It’s probably better to seek a nutritionist as they can advise you the best meal plan that will work for you.

9) I will take more time for myself this year.

Are you psychic? What if you lose a job, and have to spend a lot of time seeking a new one? What if you get ill? What if you are single and busy wading in the dating pool? Schedules change all the time. You may get too busy to have much time all by your lonesome.

Also, what is so motivating about being by yourself? Are you going to sit in your room and stare at the wall? Are you going to read a book? Be specific in what you want to do with that alone time.

10) I’m going to read more books.

For some, last year may have been the year of the desert in regards to reading. How many books did you read last year, and how may books do you plan to read this one? If you plan to list a specific quantity, be reasonable because once again, schedules can sometimes change in a blink.

So, have you made any resolutions like these?
What other New Years resolutions do you think are ridiculous?

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