Quotes for Summer & Other Words of Wisdom

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An ode to summer from the wonderful Emily Louise at Little Momma & Co

I love summer.

It gives you the perfect excuse to take a break from the real world and relish in it’s glory.

Summer doesn’t care if you are cranky, tired, or stressed.

Summer doesn’t get it’s feelings hurt if you don’t call that evening– or if you break dinner plans, or if your house is messy. Summer beckons freedom. Summer is my oasis.

Summer helps you escape.

Summer makes excuses for you.

The excuse to pick flowers to put on the dining room table.

i love summer because

The excuse to wear a rather large, floppy white hat anywhere. (Summer says it’s alright…)

i love summer because

The excuse to make a special trip downtown to visit the candy store. That’s what Summer says to do…

i love summer because

…and to help yourself to an extra hand full. (Summer insists.)

i love summer because

Summer won’t look twice if you decide to sip sweet green apple soda pop all the live-long day.

i love summer because

Summer smiles.

i love summer because

Summer accepts your excuse to spend most of the afternoon hunting bugs in the cool, green grass… until your legs itch. (Thank you Summer!)

i love summer because

Summer finds delight in presenting you with her bounty. Summer is excited in your excitement!

i love summer because

I love Summer.

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