Your Small Stories Are Important

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Many people in the blogosphere have dreams of success – ideas of financial compensation, recognition, a book deal! – things like these that make us strive. Help us aim higher. Shoot for the brass ring. Incredible goals. The ones we don’t like to say out loud, for fear of jinxing them, or maybe worse, looking and feeling like a failure.

Those are incredible dreams. Wonderful reasons behind why you write. Why you submit your work and hope to find yourself published. I would imagine that any one of us would accept an opportunity to write a book at the drop of a hat, even if we had no idea what we’d write about!

But there are just as many people out there blogging who struggle with thoughts on why they bother. I’ve been that person. I’ve been the person who started writing a blog and kept it private because I feared that nobody would read it. Wasn’t that quite counterintuitive? If I wasn’t publishing them to the public how would anyone read it? Exactly. They wouldn’t.

But I wrote and wrote and something changed. I suddenly realized that what I had to say matters. And the sooner you realize that, the better. And the sooner you’ll set new goals for yourself and reach them.

Every story from your life is important, and no story is too small | Blogging Inspiration

Your Small Stories Are Important

Because your stories DO matter. Small stories. Anecdotes of motherhood. Family dynamics. Relationship advice. Dating horror stories. Memories of meeting your significant other. All of these matter.

I can’t truly tell you all of the reasons why they do. I can just tell you that they do.

And I can tell you that the mom out there who is at the end of her rope and needs to know she’s not the only one wrangling three kids to the grocery store and about to order pizza for dinner anyway. And that the dad watching his daughter graduate from high school wants to know how it felt for you when she left for college. And that someone else out there wants to hear about your Pinterest fails and laugh with you. Or read the tribute you’ve written to your unborn child. Small stories.

Small stories help us share small moments. And big ones.

Small stories are what help us relate to one another as people.

Small stories remind me that you’re human, too. And remind you that I am, as well.

So share them. Even if they feel unpolished. Completely off-track from what you usually write about.

Share them because they matter. They matter to your readers. Those you know and those you don’t yet know.

And they matter to you.

About Andrea Bates

Andrea blogs regularly about being a mom, family and relationships, life in the south, how much she misses New York, lots of great books, and whatever else crosses her mind over at Good Girl Gone Redneck. You can also find her sharing ALL.THE.THINGS over at her Facebook page!


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  • This is well need affirmation, Andrea. Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes you need to hear it or see it written out to really confirm you are on the right path.

  • This is so very true! I find that those who tell the little tales are the ones I enjoy visiting more. Mind you, I forget to do this more often than not 🙁

  • Jamie says:

    Thanks for writing this post! I’ve struggled with that lately, thinking that I have to write these amazing posts that will go viral. I’ve not succeeded at that yet, but I still keep trying LOL. I remembered recently that I used to blog about what mattered to me. My family, my life, etc. So, I am going to work on my blog being not only those posts that I hope will go viral, but also posts that really mean something special to me…. posts that I can look back on years down the road and be happy that I wrote them.

  • Star Traci says:

    I so needed this today. I have been at this for a long time and somedays I wonder if what I do matters. It’s good to be reminded why I started.

  • Love this post, so absolutely true. It makes me think of the small moments I share with my kids, those everyday conversations and adventures that I try to catch hold of in journals, blog posts, Facebook updates. Stories worth savouring. Because those moments are gone in an instant, and before we know it our little ones are gone too.

    Thanks for this small but epic post 🙂

  • Tess says:

    Thanks for the reminder that all stories are important. Sometimes, I get more response on the small ones!

  • Yes! Thank you for writing this. More and more, I’m digging deep and finding those little moments to write about, and pushing past the ‘who wants to read this?’ doubts I have.

  • Thanks for this sweet reminder of the power of stories, even the small stories count. Writing these stories requires a much different skill set than writing a how to post, at least for me, it feels harder to do but is better for connecting with readers.

  • Patty Gale says:

    Really, REALLY great post and at such perfect timing, too! Thank you Andrea for reminding me that’s it’s not always necessarily about the big stories, but the little stories make a difference, too.