6 Reasons I Am Thankful For Blogging

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Blogging has been a real blessing in my life. There are so many reasons I’m thankful for blogging, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving I’d like to share some of them with you today.

Blogging is more than just a fun hobby or a job, it has been a real blessing in my life. Here are 6 reasons I'm thankful for blogging.

Top 6 Reasons To Be Thankful For Blogging

1. Information

It’s true that the Internet is amazing. We have all sorts of information at our fingertips constantly. But the information we get from fellow bloggers? It’s beyond product reviews and four or five-star ratings on various websites. If I want to truly know more about something, the first thing I’m going to read is the blog post I find from someone like me. I want to know what they think about what I’m looking for. You can bet I’m going to take it into account when I make my shopping decisions down the line.

2. Recipes

Seriously, people, have you seen Pinterest these days? Any idea where the majority of those amazing meals you’re drooling over come from? That’s right. Bloggers. Loads and loads of bloggers. Bloggers create recipes, pin them, and they go wild all over the Internet. Bloggers write cookbooks. They create e-books. They help you figure out that last minute side-dish you need to bring to a potluck with the ingredients you have in your pantry already. They also help you meal plan.

3. Networking

Making connections through blogging is an amazing networking experience. I learned a long time ago (in blogging world that’s several years!) that connecting your blogging life to your LinkedIn profile is a smart idea. Representing yourself professionally when it comes to the work you do as a blogger? Critical. So while I, personally, haven’t made mega-serious connections for blogging opportunities through LinkedIn, I have found that presenting what I do in a professional manner is a great way to move forward in the blogosphere. Of course, that has to be something that you want to do to begin with.

4. Motherhood

Motherhood and blogging go hand-in-hand for many. Some people have issues with that connection, preferring to maintain a professional persona. I get that, and I understand it whole-heartedly. But I also feel that I am a mom. And sometimes being a mom means a lot of different things when it comes to blogging. Sometimes it means more opportunities, sometimes it means different connections, unwanted advice, but more often than not, at least for me, it means unconditional support. Blogging has empowered me as a mom, plain and simple, and I’m proud to share that.

5. Friendships

Spinning off of this motherhood mindset, blogging has given me some of the most amazing friends. Seriously. People I have never even met sending me love and prayers when I need them, sending me emails and messages when they know I’m struggling, sharing the laughter and the tears. Friends I hope to one day sit down across a table from sending me box tops for my daughter, leaving encouraging words on Facebook, reminding me I’m never alone. The communities I have established for myself through blogging are without a doubt one of the things I am most thankful for. My gratefulness cannot be fully expressed in a small paragraph. There need to be many more words about this.

6. An outlet

Ask any writer – writing is cathartic. There are so many thoughts and emotions and ideas swirling around in our heads that sometimes the best we can do is scribble them down onto a notepad as we drift off to sleep. Or on a napkin at the nearest Starbucks. Or if you’re me, email them to yourself. What? You don’t do that? You should. It’s a great way to keep track of things, although I also really like using Evernote. But anyway, writing. It’s incredibly helpful when it comes to dealing with unwanted stress, emotions, anxiety and is also pretty amazing when you’ve got loads of great things happening, too. The kind of outlet that goes beyond that journal in your nightstand. The kind of release that actually gets feedback. Comments. Shares. Engagement. Discussions that stem from the smallest thing that you thought was only something that happened to you. The outlet and the connections go hand-in-hand.

So there you have it. My top six. Can you add to my list by sharing reasons you’re thankful for blogging? I’m sure you have many I haven’t thought of. That’s one of the greatest things about blogging, there’s always so much more to consider when you connect with amazing people and it’s pretty much never-ending. Which is kind of awesome, if you ask me!

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  • nick says:

    blogging helps us in getting online everyday and writing for our niche. it helps me in writing a lot by doing research over the web. thankyou .

  • amit Singh says:

    I love blogging.

  • I love that my blog is my creative outlet but its also helping me learn what I am passionate about. I never expected to find a hobby that I would love so much and share with others. I always consider myself a newbie when I see other remarkable blogs and I am thankful communities like these are so supportive and helpful to one another.

  • I’m so thankful for blogging because it has truly returned me to my first love: writing. I would have never imagined that my love for writing would have come back to me, but blogging has reminded me how much I love this beautiful way of expressing myself.

  • Thankful for a community of creative, entrepreneurial women who support one another instead of bringing each other down. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • thanks so much for the reminder.

    happy thanksgiving!

  • So many good reasons to be a blogger. Thanks for reminding us. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • As if you heard some of my thoughts and wrote them down in this great text 🙂 Blogging has totally given a new meaning to my life – discovered me a whole new world which I wasn’t aware it exists at all. It seems as if I spend my free time more meaningfull

  • Kim says:

    Yup. Definitely a great outlet for friendship and networking and having a place to write that I can call my own. Blogging has had its challenges for me over the course of four years but I think I’m finally settling into a place where I am content and truly enjoy it.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I agree. Blogging is a great outlet, and it is also a great way to influence. Great post.

  • Raquel says:

    I so agree with all those things you mentioned – the friendships are incredible. For me it has also been a wonderful learning experience. I have learned so much about blogging platforms, SEO, social media, publishing and so much more!

  • I agree, writing is completely cathartic. It has helped me through so many things. I am grateful to my blog in serving me as a recovery tool after brain stem surgery in 2012. It gave me something positive to focus all of my energy on, that and healing/recovery! 🙂

    Fantastic post, Andrea!

  • Great list! I am so thankful for a lot of these aspects that blogging offers too. Mostly, I am thankful that it’s my creative outlet, a space all my own!