What Do You Want To Get From Blogging

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I have met a lot of bloggers in the past four years. That’s when I first began my blogging journey. I have heard lots of reasons why people do what they do in their online corner of the world. My reasons are different today than when I first started, but what hasn’t changed is my love of blogging.

What do you want to get from blogging? Think about your passion and focus, and let them lead your blog.

What do you want to get from blogging?

The reasons for blogging are as vast as the variety of blogs and the writers who pour themselves into them.

Some people have a cause that led them to the blogosphere. Perhaps because a loved one (or the blogger herself) has suffered a debilitating illness. The blogger started her blog to raise awareness, and maybe even funding to help families overcome and ease the effects of the disease.

Some people are gifted in some art form and sell their wares on and offline. They start a blog to add to their website. It’s like the face behind the products being lovingly crafted. They tell a story…their story. Simply Janelle Designs is one such blog. This woman is gifted with wood. Not just any wood, mind you, old barn wood. I want to be her! I can spend copious amounts of time checking out the many things she makes from barn wood. She offers classes to those in her area and uses her blog to get the word out.

Some people feel strongly about a belief or political view and want to share their thoughts with the world.

Some are freaking hilarious and just want to make people laugh.

There are others who have mad photography or cooking skills. Some bloggers desire to host a show on television.

Others write because they can’t NOT write. They have a book, or two, or twenty, inside them just dying to come out. It is obvious when you come across those kinds of blogs. The words are so eloquent, so smoothly put together, that I often leave the blog wishing I had thought of those words myself.

There are so many different reasons for blogging. They are all valid, no one more right or wrong than another.

What do you want to get from blogging? Do you know? Do you have a plan?

You might be a new mother trying to find a way to stay at home with your babies. Blogging lends to doing so, and many have been very successful in their efforts.

You might want to travel and see the world by utilizing the internet to connect with others. Or maybe you just want to keep a journal of your children for far away relatives. These are all great reasons to blog.

Knowing what you want to get from your blog is key to your success. It helps to keep you focused, and on the right path. Think about what you love, what you are passionate about, and allow that to drive your blog.

So, tell us, what do you want to get from blogging? We’d really like to know!

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  • donna says:

    I loved this article. I actually call my blog a hobby. I love sharing stories of my life as a 55 year old….things I am learning or have learned and even still need to learn. I just love sharing the happy, sad, confusing, great times.. I love reading others blogs too…..I am so happy I started this hobby as I am learning so much and meeting many people

    • Laurie says:

      That’s great, Donna! Blogging is a wonderful hobby. As a fellow (soon to be 55) year old, I get that you have lots to share. May your blog grow and touch the lives of others as you write about your life experiences.

  • Charlotte says:

    Oh, I love this! I think when I started I needed this blog for a completely different reason… then I started blogging and forming real friendships and I realized that though I initially needed to tell my story, what I wanted was to remain a part of this community and to learn from my fellow bloggers. We all have such unique and different stories to tell–it’s great to have a space online where we can do just that.

    XOXO and thanks for this.

  • Interesting, i started my wedding blog as a fun avenue to see and share pretty things about weddings but also help brides with wedding advice; at the beginning it was just a hobby. Now I’m getting to a stage where i am moving in the business direction and trying to figure out how it can be a source of income. However I’m trying so hard to not lose the initial “fun” factor that birthed the blog in the first place.

    • Laurie says:

      What a great story! I love that you are working towards a business. Keeping the fun is a worthy goal indeed.

  • Very interesting post. I think every one that starts a blog has a different motive and a personal dream.

  • I started blogging because there weren’t that many blogs that catered to teen moms. One that I.did find inspired me to give it.a try and.I’ve had Mommy In Color for three years now!

    • Laurie says:

      What a great idea! It’s always good to find a niche, especially one that is pretty open. I like that you had the inspiration to go forward with you idea. I’m sure it’s very helpful to teen moms.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I want to inspire and uplift in my blog — a focus on helping women feel better about themselves, no matter who they are or what they choose to do. I also do some recipes just for fun!

  • Variety is the spice of life! I love reading blogs from many different niches. It’s wonderful to find individuals that share a common interest, share a set of values, or just put a smile on our faces when we read them – people that we would never have connected with if it weren’t for the internet. Amazing!

    I love the question posed in today’s post. I’ve been asking myself this lately, and it really has helped me focus my intentions, and reset a few goals. Thanks! 😉

    • Laurie says:

      Always nice to hear when your post helps someone to focus and reset goals. I wish you the best with that and would love to hear how that works out for you.

  • Amber Rahim says:

    Exactly. Each of us is inspired and motivated by something, and there’s no one to deny that he’s right in his own place. Awesome post!

  • Laina Turner says:

    Great post. We are all motivated for different reasons.