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How many of you have New Year’s resolutions to drop that last 5 pounds (or more) and work out more? We’ve got you covered. Today, SITStah Kim is going to share with you a great collection of workout DVDs – and there’s something for every busy woman!

Working out blows! I was going to start this post waxing philosophical about the benefits of staying fit, but we’ve heard them all, right? It blows. My day is busy. Busy Busy Busy. And I don’t relish the thought of adding a gym membership to my monthly bills and Volume III of my weekly To Do list.

Workout DVDs

I’m exhausted! How do moms manage it all?

I don’t have time for a gym membership, but I do understand the value of working out. For me, working out means that I can fit into my favorite Old Navy “sweetheart” jeans, I can dine out on Fish and Chips a few times a month, and I have a stress reliever.

I want to share my list of favorite exercise DVDs for those of you who put exercise more on your 2012 list of New Year’s Resolutions. Some people think exercising at home is impossible. 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week – TRY IT! Here are some great workout DVDs that will give you a good workout without taking up tons of time.

If you’re “tight on time” or just starting out…

Total Mix – The Complete Total Body Workout System – What I love most about this DVD is that there are 9 workouts that are 10 minutes each. You can combine them to make a 20 or 30 minute workout, or just do 10 if that’s all the time you have. It’s been great when I need an extra push in the morning.

Tamilee Webb: Tight on Time 2 Pack (Body Blasts and Hot Spots) – You can buy these DVDs separately, but I bought them together, because I love variety. Another exercise DVD that is great for people who don’t have the time for a full workout, but want to start incorporating exercising into their day.

10 Minute Solutions – there are several of these and I have Cardio and Kickboxing. Great for a quick morning workout; they both get me pumped up and ready to go.

If you’re ready to jump in…

Gilad’s Ultimate Body Sculpt Series: Cuts and Curves – I discovered Gilad’s morning television show years ago. Gilad has a great exercise routine, but it’s not as intense as Jillian and Jackie (below). I’ll workout to Gilad when I need a break from the more intense sessions; but don’t get it twisted, Gilad provides a solid workout. Two more DVDs in my collection are: Gilad’s Total Body Sculpt PLUS: Cutting Edge with Gilad and Gilad’s Ultimate Body Sculpt Series – Power and Grace.

Star Trainers: Cardio – This is part of an Exercise TV series that includes separate workouts lead by four trainers. I like the multi-trainer idea, because if I don’t connect with one (annoying voice, mindless chatter) there are three others. I also have Star Trainers: Strength and Star Trainers: AB Blast. You can buy these separately or as a combo-pack.

If you’re looking for “fast” results…

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred – this is one of THE BEST exercise DVDs that I own. The only complaint that I have is I can’t fast forward through the intro. I pop it into the DVD player, go change into my workout gear, then return in time to get to work. If you stick with it, you will see crazy results. Jillian Michaels knows her stuff and I’m bummed that she’s no longer on Biggest Loser. Side note: pay attention to the tall gal on the left, she cheats a couple of times; cracks me up.

Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training – I bought this, because I loved her reality show and I watched the making of this DVD. It was crazy intense – can you imagine exercising at high intensity all day long, take after take? So I bought it as a fan and loved it, because the workout kicked my butt and I felt fantastic the next day.

Fitness Is Just a Few Clicks Away

All of these are available on Amazon and most are less than $10. If you’re not ready to invest in my collection of exercise DVDs, I recommend that you start with the DVDs with multiple trainers and/or workouts. If you are only ready to buy one – go with Jillian Anderson.

Your turn; what’s your exercise routine?

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