Tis the season to be jolly!

And to make money on your blog.

That’s right, friends. At long last, we’re thrilled to tell you that we’ve partnered with a company who understands not only the phenomenal social media reach of our community, but also the importance of compensating bloggers for their time and effort.

Starting today, let us help you put something extra in your pocketbook!

How To Make Money Online with The SITS Girls:

Getting involved in our paid campaigns and making money is super easy. Simply check out the Paid Opportunities Group in The SITS Girls forum for the latest campaigns. This is where you’ll find the details for each post opportunity, especially the writing prompts and sample videos.

Once you’re signed up, your job is simply to evaluate whether you want to participate in a particular campaign. If you do want to get involved, you’ll need to let us know by filling out a short form for each campaign.

Paid Blogging Opportunities FAQs

We’re guessing you might have some questions about paid post opportunities, so we’ve put together the below FAQs list. If your question is not addressed here, feel free to connect with us on Twitter @SITSGirls or on our Facebook fan page.

1. What’s involved? What do I need to do?

Our partner company’s mission is simple: to deliver the most awesome social video campaigns on the planet. One of the ways they accomplish this goal by partnering with bloggers like you to write a post and embed their video code. That’s it.

2. How much money will I make?

Like everything, the more campaigns you participate in, the more money you make. Bloggers will be paid anywhere from $30 to $50 per post. The campaigns we have negotiated to start pay $40 per post via an Amazon gift card.

3. How will I be paid?

We will be using Amazon gift cards to process payments for our network. This is being done in order to give bloggers the most spending power and avoid PayPal fees.

4. How often will you have new offers?

We anticipate anywhere between 3 to 5 paid post opportunities per month. All will include a different writing prompt and associated video. You can participate in as many or as few offers as you like.

5. Do you have any special requirements to get involved? How much traffic do I need to participate?

There are no special requirements to participate. Translated: We are not looking for specific niches, traffic levels, followings on Twitter, fans on Facebook, nothing.

Once you let us know which campaign you’d like to participate in by filling out a short form in the Paid Opportunities group in The SITS Girls forum, we’ll follow up with an email giving you the code you’ll need to embed in your post.

All that we ask is that you take the videos in good faith. If you do not like a video or it does not fit with your blog’s content, simply do not participate. You are the editor of your blog; only post what you are comfortable with.

6. Are there any other limitations or restrictions to participating?

We have a limited number of opportunities available. The actual number may vary, but will usually be capped at 200 bloggers per paid campaign.

7. Will my blogging platform work for these campaigns?

All blogging platforms, such as Blogger, self-hosted WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr, and SquareSpace will work perfectly fine for these campaigns.

Blogs that are hosted on WordPress.org should not have a problem. However, participants should download the free HTML Javascript Adder plug-in here in order to embed a video properly in a post.

Blogs that are hosted on WordPress.com cannot participate because of the way the platform is designed. In other words, because WordPress.com does not allow you to use plug-ins, you won’t be able to host the HTML/javascript required for these particular videos.

8. If I have multiple sites, can I participate multiple times?

Yes, you’re welcome to jump in with multiple sites! You’ll just need to fill out a form for each blog that you plan to post on. This will ensure that we send you unique video embed codes for each blog.

So, sit back and get ready for our emails to show up in your inbox highlighting a new opportunity! We’ll be sending out newsletters once a week to several times a month letting you know when it’s time to dive in. You can also check out our forum for the latest updates anytime.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our network and we hope you’ll consider getting involved. Remember that you can find us on Facebook or on Twitter @SITSGirls for any questions you might have.

Happy Holidays!