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Blogging for Money

By Jun 25, 2010 July 3rd, 2014 343 Comments

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Hi Ladies!

It’s me, Tiffany, here to chat with you about a question I get all the time:

How do I make some money with my blog???

This is the question of the ages.

Ad, affiliates, links etc.- all are ways to bring some extra change.

Ads- these are “buttons” in your side bar that link to a site. Usually, you ask a monthly fee. To base what your ad rates should be, check out blogs similar to yours in traffic and just ask.  Sharing information makes us all more savvy- don’t be afraid to share!

Affiliates- theses are “ads” that only pay when someone clicks though and purchases something- but, that one or two purchases a month can make it worthwhile. Amazon.com has a popular affiliate program. Smaller businesses offer affiliate programs as well- I think its a great idea to support other “women-based” businesses with some blog space, that supports them and earns you some cash as well!   If selling items on your blog is of interest, be sure to check out www.openskyproject.com

Google Ads- I am not a fan, but a lot of other people use them {we signed up, got to $200 and then they shut us down.}  They pay you per click.

Text links- these can be a great way to earn some pocket change. If you get an email asking you to “exchange” text links, feel free to respond with a price- you never know until you ask! Text links are often sold in 3, 6 or 12 month runs.

Have your info ready.   When you are contacted by a PR firm, have a “kit” or “deck” ready to go. A simple document that states some info about your blog, reader demographic, etc. and prices to advertise. A company asking for a review, can be responded to with a kit- you never who will be interested!

Blogher, Juice Box Jungle, Buzz Ads,- these are all companies you can sign up with to host their ads.  While you can make a bit of dough, beware, as they can be restrictive in your content- make sure you understand their expectations and restrictions.

While your blog may not rake in the big bucks, it can certainly be used as a “resume” or stepping stone for bigger, more lucrative projects.

In fact, I know a few women who have either gained a career or promotion because of their blog.

Does your company have a social media consultant?  A blogger?  If not, encourage them to join in the conversation and promote you to lead the way!  Really.  It happens all the time.

The truth is, that 99% of us won’t get rich off blogging.

And that is okay.

Blogging should be about connecting.

About writing.

About sharing.

I wrote a little something in 2009, “Blogging for Dollars“, some of you may find it’s perspective interesting and a bit liberating.

Keep it fresh.

Keep it interesting.

And, most importantly- Keep it Real.

Now, leave a comment with a link to your favorite post {from your blog} and then go comment on the person ahead of you!

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