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5 Services You Can Offer Local Business to Boost Your Blogging Income

By Jul 29, 20154 Comments

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Just about every blogger wants to know how they can best monetize their blog. After all, if you’re blogging professionally, you want to make money with it, right?

We tend to see the same answers over and over, too: join an ad network, sell affiliate products, write an ebook and sell it. These are all great ideas, but not many of us think of how we can sell our skills to offline businesses.

I hear you now, wondering exactly what skills I might be talking about! How about all those serious SEO and marketing skills you picked up in the course of creating your blog? There are a lot of ways you can sell those skills to offline, local businesses and boost your blogging income offline.

Make Money Blogging | A great way to boost your blogging income is to look offline. We have five services you can offer to local businesses to start brining in that paycheck.

5 Services You Can Offer Local Business To Boost Your Blogging Income

1. Website Building

If you know how to use WordPress, you can create a website for local businesses. It’s pretty simple to create a static home page for them. Depending on the business, you may add photo galleries, product pages, coupons pages, or information on the staff and services. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a blog for SEO purposes.

This can be a one time service, or an ongoing project where you create a SEO plan and help them implement it by providing content for their site.

2. Social Media Management

There are plenty of people out there who have no idea how to create a Facebook Fan page or Google+ page for their business. There are business that will gladly pay hundreds of dollars to get their accounts set up and maintained for them.

Check out these tips to help you get started as a social media manager

3. Search Engine Optimization

Do you know how to make websites rank in Google? Local business tend to be much easier to rank because they have less competition for their local keywords. If you have a basic knowledge of SEO, this is a service you can offer to local businesses who have a website promoting their services.

4. Article writing

Article writing can be very lucrative. Many business have a site with a blog that needs content updated on a regular basis. Create a long term business plan by creating that content for them.

5. Package Deals

If you’re interested in creating a serious income, you can package all these services together. Build a site and provide SEO while providing content and social media management for their site. This is something you can actually turn into a full-fledged business; you might even eventually hire other people to write the articles and do the social media updates for you.

Most people who run offline business don’t have the time needed to learn the intricacies of SEO, social media, or website creation. They rely on people like us to provide these basic skills that we’ve honed creating our own site. If you want to boost your blogging income, this is an excellent service that you can start offering today.

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  • Great ideas Kelly.

    I know a lot of businesses which spend a bomb on social media and SEO management. We can really leverage those knowledge areas to make a solid stream of income for us.

  • Thank you for the tips, Kelly, they are really good and practical!

  • These are all great tips – I would even suggest creating some business cards, calling and mailing them simple promotion letters about what you can do for them.

    Not all businesses will think online presence is necessary, but you can tell them even a FB fan page can do a lot for them (for people to check in to the business on their FB status).

    Thanks for sharing! You guys always provide awesome resources and inspiration!!

  • Kemya Scott says:

    Great ideas Kelly! I’m so focused on prospecting online businesses that I admittedly ignore offline businesses. I offer packages for the services you mentioned, I just need to reach out on a local level. Thanks for the reminder;)