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How to Create a Blog: 5 Easy Steps!

By Jul 2, 2013July 9th, 201410 Comments

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If you are in the beginning stages of your blog, or just starting to think about starting one the process can feel overwhelming. Knowing how to create a blog and where to start often feels like an impossible task. If you are serious about getting your blog up and running then don’t give up! Blogging is so rewarding on so many different levels.


How to Create a Blog

I have had a variety of friends over the years and every time I get around to showing them a website/blog I started, they say “You can do this because your life is interesting, no one would read my blog.” That’s where they are wrong! My life really isn’t any more or less interesting than their lives would be. The trick is, I cherish my thoughts and like to let all of them out through my hobbies. That’s all, nothing so intensely interesting to it. Since, all my friends wonder in amazement at the “interesting” life I live, I decided to create a post guiding them to create their own blogs.

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