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How to Make the Most of a Blog Linky

By Nov 12, 2012July 8th, 201430 Comments

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You can find linky parties almost everywhere you look in the blogging world. Some are centered around a particular topic and some are basic “following” linkies.

Have you ever linked up and then thought that they aren’t worth it because you aren’t getting anything in return?  I’ll share some hints on how to make the most of a blog linky!

blog linky tips

First of all, before we even get started, make sure that YOU are following the rules for whatever blog linky you are joining in with.

  • When you enter your link, you should be linking directly to a particular post, not to your home page. That way, if someone follows the linky the next day or days later, they can find what post you meant to link.
  • Somewhere in your post, you should mention that you are participating in a link up- some have a button, but if you don’t use that, you should at least include a text link back. Otherwise, it might not be obvious that you are joining in and the person managing the links might delete yours because you look like spam. Plus, it’s good manners: the linky gives you traffic, you should give your readers a way to find it, too
  • Make sure that you really are participating in what you are linking to: do not link a giveaway or a follow me post to something like MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop or my Pour Your Heart Out. There are linkys out there specifically for those types of posts: find the right ones to link up to!

Now that you have your post done and are linked up, here are some tips to make the most of a linky:

  • Try to link up as early in the day as you can. While I don’t think you need to fight to be first, if you link at the end of the day, you aren’t going to get as much traffic.
  • Do NOT just link and run. If you link and then do not visit anyone else, do not expect a ton of traffic.
  • Visit as many of the other linkers as you can. You can do this in any order that you want- you don’t have to go in order.  Visit the ones after yours, visit the odd numbers, the evens, the ones that end in 3 or 4 or whatever number you choose.  For a huge linky,  where you might be #327 to link up, start visiting those directly above you and worked your way up. Then, visit those who linked up after you.
  • Leave a thoughtful comment when you do visit. Saying “I’m stopping by from  SITS Christmas Cookie Link up, come visit me at …..” really doesn’t do anything to encourage someone to visit you. A comment like that means you probably didn’t read their post, so why should they go read yours?  We all want our words to be heard- show you’ve read theirs and they will be more likely to go read yours, too.
  • The same goes for if someone comments on your post from the linky- do not go to their blog and just say “Thanks for visiting my blog!” without reading their words.
  • You can mention where you are visiting from or thank someone for visiting your blog- but there should be more to your comment.
  • An exception might be if you are participating in a Follow Blog Hop. However, if you cannot find anything to say about that blog, then WHY are you following?
  • Don’t get discouraged- some people do return visits and others don’t.  But, the more that you try, the more likely that others will find you, too.

A blog linky is what you make of it!  They can be great places to find new blogs, but YOU have to be an active participant. There isn’t a magic linky out there that will draw in tons of new readers without you doing any work.

Do you participate in linkies? Do you have any tips to add or stories to share?


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  • Joy says:

    I have never heard of this! I’m fairly new blogger but I’m surprised I’ve never come across one. Good tips for when I do participate in one!

  • Great tips, thanks! I keep all the linkys I participate in on a Google Drive spreadsheet, and I keep track of which posts I submit to which linky. Some of my more “green and crunchy” posts wouldn’t go over well with everyone. ;o)

  • Krystle says:

    I do linkys when I have time. There is just so much to do.

  • Tracy Joyner says:

    A great way to make sure you have time to hop about to other sites when you participate in Linky Parties…..Some of the parties go live after 8 or 9 pm the evening before. I link up the night before then sleep well knowing I get to explore the other sites that linked up the next morning! It allows me to enjoy them more and provides plenty of time to leave “actual comments” because I have “actually visited” and explored the other sites.

    TracyAnn from http://www.crochethappy.com and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com

  • I agree about being one of the first to link up. I prepare my post the night before so I can publish and link up as soon as I get up…I also have a day by day list of the ones I will visit so I can stay organized.

  • Lisa Nolan says:

    TIP #1: I do about three or four linkies a week, and sometimes they overlap (I link up the same post to two or three linkies) so I put the name of the linky in the title of my post, and in my labels, that way other blogs in the linky can find the right blog post to read and comment on. So my blog title would look like this: My Favorite Candy Not to Eat {Real Life Wednesday}.
    TIP #2: I agree that you should then tweet your blog post that you linked up, and put @NameofHostonTwitter and #RealLifeWednesday (or # what the linky name is). I also do it on G+ and add a few more hashtags, like #parenting or #writers
    TIP #3: Size does not matter! The linky that gives me the MOST TRAFFIC only has seven to nine blogs linking up! Go figure! And I enjoy smaller linkies: you only have a few blogs to read and comment on, and you typically get comment love, and you get to know the other bloggers!

    GREAT TOPIC Shell!

  • Deb says:

    Thanks. I feel like I never find the right linky or hop. It’s overwhelming. Is there a list somewhere? Or a google search that works?

  • Sandra says:

    Oh man I need a beginners course in this! I don’t even know where to start or how to do it!

  • hilljean says:

    I don’t participate in a ton of linkies, but the ones I do have benefitted my blog BIG time. Mamakat’s workshop and your Things I Cant Say promote great writing! Also Kelley’s Breakroom and My LIfe and Kids Blog promote funny writing. I try to make my readers understand how much the hosts of the linkies are giving us all.

    It’s a huge pet peeve when people kind of “spoil” it by not following the rules. I really like what you have to say on the subject, now I want some tips on hosting an awesome link party!

  • Great tips, Shell! I have found that it is always good to visit as many other participants as possible. Like you mentioned, I have found it to be a great way to discover new blogs and connections!

  • Amanda says:

    One tip I have is that if you find you’re overwhelmed by the number of linkies you’re participating in, just pick the ones that work best for you. Or that you enjoy. Sometimes it’s the big ones, but a lot of times smaller linkies get you good traffic because people can more easily find you, including the person hosting. (And, shameless promotion, come join up to I Made It! Monday every week.)

  • Mimi says:

    Great tips, thank you!

  • Leslie Limon says:

    Great tips! Do you have any advice on how to get more participants to your linky parties/memes???

  • Chris Carter says:

    I really am grateful to read this, because I have yet to do one of these link ups. They look overwhelming to me!! I hope I can get the courage and the time to do it. My apprehension lies in finding the time to read so many blogs, with SITS and other blogs I follow, who has more time? It’s amazing how some bloggers find the time to comment with encouraging words on so many blogs! In not doing so many link ups,I feel like I am missing some really great parties…will have to try!!

  • As others have said, these are great tips! I’ve discovered so many great blogs and friends through link-ups but I agree – you have to participate in a way that’s not just about me, me, me. I visit and leave comments not because I expect anything in return and I definitely return visits to those who visit me. I am guilty of being lazy sometimes but I try to get around to as many blogs as I can, even if it’s not on the first day of the linky.

  • These are GREAT tips! We have only participated in a few link-ups and I have tried hard to do it right?! I hope so anyway! I am definitely bookmarking this for future reference. 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    These are great tips! I definitely agree about leaving thoughtful comments!

  • Julie Moore says:

    Good tips, thank you! Blog hops can be a lot of fun, but I know people get confused on what to do. These tips were so helpful! I’m glad to know that I am following a lot of “blog hop etiquette”. 😀

  • Cheryl says:

    As an amateur photographer, I started linking up to small theme-oriented photo blogs. From there I moved on to bigger photo theme-oriented blog links. I always visited everyone because I wanted to learn. In the photography blogging niche there’s so much going on: some folks prefer to leave their photos alone while other go full out with their edits ~ all are creating some really beautiful art.

    Now, when I choose to link, I tend to visit the blogs of photographers who inspire me to reach. If I’m asked to co-host a blog link, I’ll visit every post. It just seems the right thing to do. The biggest reason I link to a couple of linky lists on occasion is to keep track of these people without having to follow them. I just can’t handle following too many blogs. I find it overwhelming. Yes, I am neurotic.

  • Kim says:

    Excellent points, Shell!

    I think leaving a thoughtful comment is both a great gift for the blogger and for the other commenters. I have heard about great books, learned about helpful resources, and derived comfort from someone going through a situation similar to mine from reading the other comments on a blog. Plus, I am apt to visit the bloggers who leave thoughtful comments precisely because of their interesting contribution to the conversation.

  • I need to be better about visiting more of the people that have joined the link ups I have.

  • I am guilty on busy days of linking up and not visiting any other blogs, but I try not to. And I love the point about not following a blog you can’t think of anything to say on and that leaving a note that just says, “Please follow back” is not helpful. I rarely visit the blog from those commentors. But a helpful or encouraging comment?–I usually visit those. I do enjoy a good linky party (one where people comment back!)

  • I never seem to be #1! It seems that I am alwys like 367 out of 865 or something crazy like that! How do you keep weekly link ups organized, I think that is part of my problem, I am not planning them ahead of time!

    • Tracy Joyner says:

      I created a blog page called Link-Up..then I used LinkyTools to post thumbnails of the link parties I visit and labeled them with the day of the week. When it’s party time, I just open that page and there is a clickable list of everyone. It’s a convenient way to promote the parties also..visitors to your site will click on the page and see all the linking possibilities for them to follow too! It works great…not my original idea though. You can see mine here…http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com/
      just look to the right margin and click on “Link-Up”!
      I do the same thing for blog hops

      TracyAnn from http://www.crochethappy.com and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com

  • becca says:

    When I link up my rule of thumb is to visit at 5 blogs ahead of me before leaving then throughout the week i go back and visit more if a have time if your one of the first then come back and visit at least 5 below you

  • Alison says:

    Great tips, Shell!

    I would add that when you promote your post which you linked up, try to mention the linky host too, whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter. That way, they’re more likely to RT you or mention you in their FB page.