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How To Network: What You Need To Know About Networking

By May 26, 2013 July 8th, 2014 8 Comments

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So you have a beautiful blog, awesome content, yet no-one is coming to your blog. You have probably asked yourself more than once what it is your doing wrong. More times than not the answer is pretty simple. Networking! If you don’t network and build relationships, it is going to be a lot harder to get people to your blog. Taking some time to build relationships could be difference between no readers and a loyal group of readers.

How To Network?

Networking has really helped our business garner a lot of attention and publicity since the beginning, and for very little effort on our part. When we first started, we had so many questions and things we felt like we needed to know but not really anyone to count on. Our families were supportive but we needed a little more guidance. Advice from people that had been in our shoes before and had made it out alive. We slowly started reaching out to people that we wanted to meet, companies we admired and business folk that were doing what we wished for our company.

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  • Kim says:

    I’m with Jane. I often have a hard time finding people to relate to. Then again, I am strangely a bit shy when I first meet people and it takes me some time to open up.

    Some of the groups I am in are very specific (ie Route 66) so there’s plenty to relate to. Others, like one of my local blogging groups, tends to be very focused on all things mom related, traffic (getting it, keeping it, yapping about it in general), and money. Not bad things mind you, but since I am not a mom it’s hard to relate there and I don’t care to have discussions all the dang time about traffic and earning money on the blog. Thankfully, most of the women there are fun to chat with.

    I just tend to lurk and do my own thing. If it interests me, I’ll get involved. If not, I’ll just hang out in the background.

  • Networking is so important, and can be really fun! I’ve met some amazing women through blogging. Thanks for these great tips!

  • I understand the concept of networking but I think the hard part for me is trying to find a group that I feel I can relate to. I personally think that while you should browse around, I think a door will open when you least expect it! But it’s always good to put your name out there…you never know who will notice 🙂

  • Julie says:

    As a newbie blogger I’m always on the lookout for blogging tips. Networking is something I’m definitely eager to learn more about – I’m excited about the opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers & form a loyal readership.

  • Sierra says:

    Working on Networking can be a full time job, especially when first learning and understanding how it all is a benefit. But my desire to reach other bloggers, to learn from other bloggers and to enhance the lives of other bloggers, outweighs not learning more about networking. 🙂

  • Sierra says:

    I know with all the changes on FB, I’ve really noticed a decline in my readership of my blog. Networking can be a challenge, but I do see results every time I work on it. So I will continue learning and definitely read your post!

  • Keia lee says:

    This is a lot of good information I have been trying to work on this. Thank you 🙂

  • Carli says:

    Networking can be tough and time consuming. It’s also hard to figure out where you should be spending your time and where you should be saving.