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Top 10 Blogging Secrets You WISH You Knew From The Beginning

By Oct 2, 2012 April 29th, 2018 17 Comments

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Top 10 blogging secrets you say? Yup, we’ve got them. Everything from figuring out your niche to taking the time to design your blog to going to a blog conference.

Our blogging secrets aren’t earth shattering, but when you are first starting your blog, they take some time to come by.

Let us make that learning curve a little less steep!

blogging secrets

Top Blogging Secrets Revealed

Like I said yesterday, it’s been nearly two years of blogging bliss for me.

I have learned SO much, and I really feel like I’ve grown not only as a blogger, but as a writer as well.

When I started this journey, I wish I had someone that could give me tips about what I was doing. I was just winging it, and in all actuality I wish I had done some things differently.

So, because I wish someone had done this for me, I give you: Top 10 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me About Blogging. And when you’re done, read our 6 Best Blogging Secrets Revealed!

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