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Must Have Skills to Get Hired as a Social Media Consultant

By Apr 19, 201712 Comments

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After spending a multitude of time and energy in the social media space on your own behalf, it is not uncommon to take that experience and consider offering it to brands as a social media consultant. There is no better advocate for social media than an enthusiast who has experienced firsthand the results that come from leveraging the social scene.

If you want to become a social media consultant, you are going to need these skills!

Must Have Skills to Work As a Social Media Consultant

Are you ready to translate your personal experience to professional representation? The below information walks you through the must have skills to become a social media consultant.


You have a great personality, both on and offline. However, in your role as the social media representative for a brand, you need to be able to adopt the brand voice. While it is never desirable to be boring, you need to keep in mind the persona the brand wants to broadcast in comparison to your personal preferences. This distinction helps you to think about what you share and ensure you do it in a professional manner.


Social media is a part of most people’s daily life. However, when you are interacting in the social space, you are also, in a sense, representing your employer. It’s important to realize who has access to your accounts and how you present yourself. You never know who could be watching, and what that interaction could do on a professional level. It could ultimately lead to a job as a social media consultant.

A rude conversation had in the heat of the moment on Twitter could lead to a loss in a client months later. Maintain your own personality, but keep it professional.

work as a social media consultant


Every company has an ideal view of how they would like to be seen by the world. However, many are often not well-versed in social media, and they’ll be looking to you to have ideas and a plan on how you’ll grow their social media presence. Understand the space, understand your client, and be able to communicate that effectively — it’s a sure way to show a company you ‘re ready to be on their team and make a difference.


Social media is an ever-changing force. There are a multitude of talents and concepts that will help you get to the professional level you aspire to achieve as a social media consultant. Keep these goals you have in mind as you are building your experience, and there are a multitude of opportunities waiting for you.


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  • Great post, liked it a lot.

  • Amaia says:

    Very interesting article! I am a newly Social Media consultant and the most difficult part to me is making understand to people the importance and impact of social media and also, making them understand that not everybody has the expertise to do it 🙂 it is years of learning but since everybody is on FB nowadays, clients feel it is a simple thing to do!
    I am glad to read and share my experience with you girls!

  • Gary Kerr says:

    Good article!Explained well your tips are very helpful to become a social media consultant.Social media consultant is really powerful job to promote a business.It give us access to many powerful marketing tools.Thanking you for this valuable post.

  • Charlotte says:

    Very interesting post and so very true (especially where watching brand voice is concerned). Thanks so much for this info — since social media consultants are in high demand these days, it’s good to know what this would entail 🙂

  • Ashlee says:

    I definitely agree with knowing the impact each social media platform can have, and having an individual vision for each method.

  • Mamapotamus says:

    This isn’t even something I had considered before, but I’m enjoying the idea of shooting for it as a goal. Thanks!

  • Limeade Gal says:

    Great information. Definitely an opportunity to consider. Look forward to reading the related articles.

  • Jen says:

    I’ve recently decided to start looking at this as a career opportunity for myself. This article is timely and informative. I’m pinning so I can refer back to it. Thank you!

  • Lori Hil says:

    View and Voice! So, important for every brand. It is a great skill to be able to adapt yourself to the voice of your client!

  • What a great post! 🙂 I never thought of eventually becoming a social media consultant. I’m really good at keeping my cool and adapting my “voice” in different situations so I definitely see it as a possibility later on. I just need more time learning how to use each platform the right way. Thanks for the awesome tip!!

  • Great post!! Representing brands must be taken seriously and professionally! I think everyone involved with the SITS that represents a brand does a great job

  • Danah says:

    Having not gotten to the brand level yet, this was very interesting. Especially the fact that you never know who is watching. Very true and a good reminder. Thanks!