The Ultimate Back To School Party

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Starting school can be a nerve wracking time for parents and kids. The stress of back to school shopping with endless supply lists, new school clothes and shoes, a backpack, and readjusting to the school schedule is beyond overwhelming. Thankfully, I only have one little guy that is in preschool so I mostly get to enjoy the fun side of Back to School season. This year my son is in an awesome class, with some unbelievable kids, and the best part is, I love their moms even more! I decided to throw a back to school party the night before the first day of school, so the kids could play, and get to know each other more. I am also lucky to live next door to their teacher, so we had a special cameo appearance arranged as well!

Great back to school party ideas! Love the school themed decor, and the cereal bar. There are also free printables here!

Back To School Party Ideas

The décor I used for my back to school party was classic school house themed. I used my ruler table runner from last week’s tutorial to decorate the dining table!

A back to school party needs a school theme! Love how this table looks with the ruler table runner and an apple by every place setting.

Accompanied along with cork chargers, and some apples it was perfection.

Flashcards and clipboards are super cute table decorations for a back to school theme party.

Each child had a flashcard attached to their own mini clipboard as well.

A yellow mason jar with a bouquet of pencils - perfect for a back to school party table.

For a back to school party you can use all the pencils, erasers, and notebooks that you have bought for the school year as décor. Inspirational signs are great, too!

Cute decor ideas for a back to school party.

Throw in some apples, and you have the perfect school house vibe.

Apples are a great decoration for a back to school party.

Back To School Party Food

Plan the ultimate back to school party with these tips for end of summer fun! It is a great way to start off a new school year.

Growing up we would occasionally get to have breakfast for dinner. My mom would make us pancakes for dinner, and we would squeal with delight, as we watched then cook on the pan. Now that I am a mom I realize that breakfast for dinner is like hitting the jackpot for moms — kids are happy with the meal, and it is so easy to prepare.

Cereal bar! This is a great idea for a kid's party. Everyone loves to mix and match their favorite cereals for dinner!

I used this tradition as the theme to my Back to School party. I created a cereal bar for the kids and adults, because to be honest, everyone loves cereal! You can see that I carried my school supply decoration theme over to the food bar table, too.

Cereal Bar

Fun idea for a back to school party - a cereal bar.

To me the cereal bar is such a great option, because I didn’t have to cook one thing! After the kids spent some time in the pool, they were ready to come inside and cool off with some cereal. It really brought out the kid in everyone.

Love this idea for a party with kids - a cereal bar! Brilliant.

Kids having fun at the back to school party.

A highlight of the party food was “Jitter Juice”. The point of jitter juice is that it will calm the nerves of kids on their first day of school. I mean, seriously, how cute is the poem!

Jitter Juice | This is a great idea for young kids starting school to help them calm their nerves.

For my jitter juice I simply mixed Pink Lemonade with 7UP. The extra bubbly effect made the kids think it was something super-secret and special.

Texas Ranger Cookies

We also had some Texas Ranger Cookies — these are a first day of school tradition in my family, so they were perfect for this party. You can work your own back to school traditions into your party.

Back To School Party Favors

Back to school party favors.

For favors I did treat bags filled with gummy worms and Nerds. The tag reads, “Be a Bookworm”, inspiring kids to dive in to school, and hit the books hard.

Be a bookworm gift tag.

If you aren’t having a full blown party you could still use the adorable tags as a note and pack some gummy worms with it for your little one’s first day of school lunch.

I didn’t want to leave the moms out of the fun! I wanted to give them something to remember their first day of school, too. The first day of school a rite of passage for kids and moms! I created a fun memory page the moms could use to remember the special day.

First Day Of School Memory Card

The adorable memory page is sure to make you tear up whenever you look back. Tape a picture of your kid on it, and answer all the questions, so each year you can look back and see the growth and development of your child.

Sibling love.

Kids grow so fast, I’m going to be happy to be able to look back at the end of this school year and remember my kids exactly as they were during our party.

Ready to throw a back to school party of your own?

Grab Your Free Back To School Party Printables Here!

Free Back To School Party Printables! Super cute. Plus great ideas for a back to school party your kids will love.

I wish you the best Back to School Eve ever, and hope you stock up on tissues for the first day of school drop offs!

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