How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

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Sugar and Spice and everything nice… that’s what the holidays are made of! Okay, maybe not all the time, but that is what a Cookie Exchange Party is made of! A cookie exchange party is one of the best ways to sample baked goods.

As I have mentioned before, the holidays are busy for us, so a party that solves a solution is right up my alley. Much like my Gift Wrapping Party, this Cookie Exchange Party solved a problem! Get your mixer, butter, and sugar ready, and invite all your best baker friends to enjoy the holidays and sample tons of delicious treats!

Holiday Cookie Party | Cookies + Friends = Girls Night Perfection! Ideas, tips, and recipes to help you host the perfect cookie exchange party!

How To Host A Cookie Exchange Party

This year I was invited to two cookie exchanges, and jumped at the opportunity to attend. I love to bake, and the best part is to share recipes and see what others have come up with! The premise of the party is that you ask each guest to bake 3-4 dozen of ONE recipe. The dozen amount could be more or less depending on how many guests are coming. For a group of 20 ladies we were each asked to bake 4 dozen cookies or bars.

A fabulous Christmas Party idea for this year is to host a Cookie Exchange!

Beautiful caligraphy is displayed for this cute DIY runner!

The best part about a cookie exchange party is it’s really low key and your guests can relax. You are not rushing around to grab a white elephant gift or an Ugly Sweater at the last minute. The cookies can be baked in your own home at your leisure. Once you arrive, you drop your cookies, a copy of your recipe, and then grab a tray and load up on sugary goodness to take home!

Make your own runner with kraft paper and sharpie! Easy Cookie Exchange party decor idea.

The decorations for the party had to be kept simple since we needed a lot of table space for all the goodies! My dear friend, who has beautiful handwriting, helped design our kraft paper table runner.

On one end we wrote, “Drop your treats here” so our guests would know where to set all their sugary sweets!

Have your guests drop their treats on one end of the table!

Provide a variety of cookies for the Cookie Exchange!

On the opposite end we had a “Cookie Wrapping Station” set up.  I provided cute Christmas platters, plastic wrap, tin foil, zip lock bags, and anything else the ladies needed to wrap up their goodies!

Get cute holiday plates and tin foil for a wrapping station at your Cookie Exchange Party!

For some extra decoration I added some old tin muffin pans.  It’s such a fun idea to use everyday household items to decorate for a party. It saves money, and looks shabby chic!

Do not forget our cute Cookies for Santa sign!

For favors I chose to go with the obvious choice – a cookie cutter!

Cute cookie cutters were the favor of choice at this Cookie Exchange party!

I hung them as ornaments on our little pine trees, and let the ladies choose one before they left.

Give your guests a cute cookie cutter at your Cookie Exchange Party! Hang them on a small tree as ornaments, and let your guests choose one at the end of the party.

Get a cute printables for the ladies to take home!

When I think of cookies I go right to thinking of cookies for Santa.  I let each lady take one of our adorable “Cookies For Santa” printables so they were all set for Christmas Eve! I always like to plan early, and the kids will have a blast setting a little area with their own sign for Santa!

Cookies for a cookie exchange party.

Cookie cutters make the perfect party favor for a Christmas cookie exchange party!

Get ready to host an awesome cookie exchange this year. This is my favorite holiday party, because the setup is minimal, you don’t have to worry about preparing all the food, and lets be honest…dessert is the best part of every meal!


Try some new recipes this year, and get your girlfriends together for a fabulous time!

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