Father’s Day Tablescape + Free Father’s Day Printable Book

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June is a busy month with end of school, graduations, and weddings, BUT we can’t forget the most important event of all … Father’s Day! That’s right ladies, we can’t forget to honor all those amazing men in our lives! I must admit, now that I am a mom, Mother’s Day is fast becoming my favorite holiday. It is all about me on that day, and my husband makes sure of that, so I have to make sure I return the favor! You can never have to many easy party ideas, so here is an easy Father’s Day tablescape that will WOW your special guy along with some Father’s Day party ideas you will love!

Great ideas for the perfect Father's Day tablescape. Plus a free printable Father's Day book that makes a great gift for dad. | Fathers Day Gifts From Kids

Father’s Day Party Ideas: Tablescape

My husband loves to fish, and loves the outdoors, so that became my inspiration for creating a dining table for him. I think personalizing the table to your man is the best way to go for this holiday. If he’s not in the outdoors you can create a sports themed table, or if he loves to read, why not use all those books to create a dramatic centerpiece? So for starters, my first project was the fishing pole centerpiece, which is SO easy!

If your guy is into the outdoors, this fishing pole centerpiece is perfect for a Father's Day tablescape.

Let your kids help make this one. I cut fish out, and attached it to some extra twine I had. Then I found some twigs outside, and tied the twine to it. Finally, stick them in a mason jar filled with some rocks, and you have a super affordable and CUTE centerpiece!

Add rocks to your mason jar, and use a twig to attach your twine and fish - and you have a fishing pole that is just right for a centerpiece.

You can cut your fish out of solid color card stock, or let your kids decorate the fish!

You can even let your kids color the fish, or write their names on them! I used logs from outside to give the table some height, and layered moss around it, to really bring the outdoors in.

sunflowers on a log

I layered plaid fabric on the table to give it a really manly feel, and then added pops of color with the yellow sunflowers. As I mentioned in the summer backyard party decorating ideas post, my dad is a sunflower geneticist, so naturally these flowers are a perfect addition for Father’s Day.

Old comics make great placemats for your Father's Day tablescape.

My place mats were a super easy, and last minute thought. I love to layer patterns, and textures, and as I was looking the through the morning paper it hit me. Comics! My husband always reads them, so I cut them the size of place mats, and used a white plate to offset all the busyness of the pattern.

Succulents are perfect for creating place card holders.

I saw these cute little succulents at the store, and new I had to use them to create some sort of place card.

When planning your table try to utilize what you have, and then buy the little things to add to it. My moss rocks, plates, mustache cup, and moss were all found at dollar store, which brought my total table to the cost of $13! Personally, I was very happy with that.

Add a personal touch to your Father's Day dinner with this free printable Father's Day book for your kids to fill out | Father's Day Gift Ideas

The finishing touch was of course this amazing Father’s Day booklet! You are welcome in advance for helping you find the perfect gift for that dad!

Help your kids show their dad how much they love him by printing out this free Father's Day book. It is a lot of fun to fill out, and makes a gift that any father will love.

This free printable book is the perfect Father's Day gift.

Seriously it is so cute, and such a fun project for kids to do. Even the manliest of men will shed a tear, when they see the home drawn pictures, and sweet words.

Grab Your Free Printable Father’s Day Book HERE!

This free printable Father's Day book is the perfect gift for any dad. The kids will have fun filling it out and telling their dad just how much they love him. | Father's Day Gift Ideas

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    So cute! Thanks for sharing at Idea Box.

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    This is the most adorable tablescape! I especially love the succulents and booklet for Dad. I’m excited to create something just a lovely (manly – lol) for my husband and father-in-law. I will certainly share this with others!