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Every night after my kids go to bed I am free.  I feel like yelling, “FREEEEDOM!” at the top of lungs, exactly how Mel Gibson did in Braveheart. Okay, maybe I am being a little bit dramatic, but after bedtime, it is ME time. I am sure most moms can relate to that feeling. In our household, Sundays are family day, but Sunday night is solely reserved for watching The Walking Dead. If you love Walking Dead as much as I do (or even if you don’t), you probably know that Sunday was the premiere of Fear The Walking Dead.

I decided to host a Fear the Walking Dead Viewing Party for my girlfriends, so we could watch the show in style. Plus it was a great excuse to create a Walking Dead theme party and maybe even get a little jump start on Halloween. Chances are you are watching Fear The Walking Dead, too, because it was the most watched premiere of a cable series EVER. Yep. This show is gold. So check out my Walking Dead Party ideas, throw a viewing party of your own, and have fun with all your zombie-loving friends.

Fear the Walking Dead Viewing Party 

Throw the perfect Fear The Walking Dead viewing party for all your zombie-loving friends! Click for Walking Dead party inspiration and free printables. These zombie party ideas are great for The Walking Dead or for a Halloween party.

Fear the Walking Dead Decor

An awesome zombie party setup for the new show Fear the Walking Dead on AMC. This party will give you ideas you need to survive any zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead is a pretty gruesome show, I will say it is not for the faint of heart. However, if you can get past some of the gore, the story line is awesome. You learn to love the characters, and sit on the edge of your seat the entire episode, because there are so many unexpected twists, and cliffhangers.

Fear The Walking Dead Party

The characters in the show are basically in crisis mode, and always on a hunt for food, medicine, and anything that can help them survive. They often get food from old military surpluses, or stock holds they find. That inspired me to use canned goods as decoration. I covered the cans to make them appear generic, like they might have come from the military.

Generic can labels are perfect for a Walking Dead theme party - they give you that military food surplus feel.

I also added an old bottle with a candle for an added touch of flare. After all, access to electricity is hard to find in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. I draped old plaid around because it made me think of camping, and the great outdoors, which is where they spend the majority of their time. The zombie signs were my favorite, because there are warning signs written in various places to keep people from entering an infested zombie area. I think it adds an eerie touch touch, and helps alert people of any unwanted zombie intruders

Fear the Walking Dead| Zombie signs will have you totally spooked. Perfect for Halloween!

The crossbow was inspired by my favorite character Daryl Dixon.  It is his signature weapon, and he is pretty handy with it as well.  I do not own a crossbow, however I was surprised to find that I knew a lot of people that do!

Fear the Walking Dead Party| Decorating with household items is a great way to save money on decor, and reuse things in a different way. Use some basics to create a spooky survival table for the next zombie infestation!

Walking Dead Spinoff Food

These Blood-splattered sugar cookies are my absolute favorite. I personally find them just gruesome enough for the party, but also classy at the same time. I flooded the cookies with icing, and then waited for them to dry. Next I made a blood red icing that was a little bit runnier, and splattered it across the cookies. They are totally perfect for Halloween coming up, and would work great at an adult-only party. The best part is, you do not need to be a cookie decorating master to make them.

Fear the Walking Dead| These blood splattered sugar cookies are the perfect thing to bring to any Halloween party. They are classy and spooky at the same time! Bet you can't eat just one!

Blood spattered sugar cookies were an obvious must to serve at this Fear the Walking Dead Party. If you have ever seen the who you know that these will fit in perfect with this chilling decor.

I also made these adorable Food Ration Packets. They were also inspired by the military’s emergency food rations.

Food ration packets are a necessity for a Fear the Walking Dead theme party. What would you need to survive?

Since my party was a viewing party, I decided my girlfriends would need various theater candy in their packets. I also included hand sanitizer and chapstick, because honestly those are two things that I would need in case of emergency!  The sanitizer already comes in handy with two toddlers, so it would be a must have in the midst of a zombie Apocalypse. These adorable Food Ration Packets were a total hit, and can be reused for so many different party themes!

Chocolate is the obvious choice in a Food Ration Packet! It will get you through the creepiest episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Another item that is important to the characters in these shows is antibiotics! They are always on the lookout for some pharmacies or old hospitals to raid. I put skittles in pill containers, and called them antibiotics. After all, sometimes candy is the best medicine for anything.

Candy antibiotics were served at this Fear the Walking Dead party. They were a huge hit, and party goers kept themselves protected from the zombie virus.

Lastly, it was a must to serve some popcorn, because TV and popcorn go hand in hand. I set mine up in old soda crates, and let the ladies dig in!

Fear the Walking Dead| A cute way to serve popcorn for a movie premier or TV viewing party is to arrange it in an old soda crate. Guests of all ages will dig in!

We had such a blast watching the Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, and I am now in the mood for Halloween. I think my loyalty still lies to the original series, but I am definitely excited there are more Fear the Walking Dead episodes to come. When decorating for a Walking Dead Party think minimal, outdoors, survival. You can decorate with fishing gear, Beware signs, old pocket knives, and flashlights.

Grab Free Fear The Walking Dead Party Printables Here!

These free printables will have you ready for any zombie party! | Fear The Walking Dead Party Printables

Feel inspired by whatever you have by your house, and the spookier the better! Use our adorable printables, and get ready, you never know when the next epidemic might hit. At least this way you will be prepared!

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  • Hil says:

    This is such a cool idea!! My husband wold love this.

  • Shae says:

    This party would be PERFECT for Halloween! I have no doubt in my mind that it would be a huge hit amongst my friends and I. Thanks for the idea, it will definitely come in handy in the next couple months.

  • I don’t watch The Walking Dead (I know, I think I’m the only one at this point) but this post definitely made me want to start! I love all the detail, and everything looks amazing, like you took it right out of the show!