Plan a Fabulous Craft Night For Your Craft Club

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Girls night out is fun, but have you ever thought about a girls night in? Hosting your very own craft night is not only fun, it takes crafting to a whole new level! And as far as easy party ideas go, this is the easiest! There is just something about crafting with your friends that is not only fun, but very fulfilling.

craft night

It’s not every day that your friends can leave a party with an amazing project that they are proud to say that they made themselves!

craft night

Group Crafts for Your Craft Night

The first step in hosting your own craft night is finding a project that can be completed in a few hours. You don’t want something too tedious, with too many steps, or that takes too long. You still want your guests to be entertained and have a good time. There is no need for frustration at a party! I chose a coffee filter wreath project that had a few supplies, a few steps, and a huge pop of results!

Craft Night Party Invites

Your craft night party invites must have a complete list of supplies for the craft of your choice. I decided to make a 3 part invite for my friends with a photo of the project they would be completing, a list of supplies, and details of the event.

craft night

craft night

craft night

Plan a Party Like a Pro

Creating a party ambiance from the minute my guests arrive at the front door is something that I try to do at every get together I throw, it’s like the title page of a good book or the precursor of a great movie. Throwing a craft night party is no exception!

craft night

I like to let my guests know that I am expecting them and that they are more than welcome in my home.

craft night

When choosing snacks for your craft night party, think about your hands! Clean snacks are always the way to go. You don’t want your guests hands to get sticky, greasy, or wet. You don’t want your guests to be constantly reaching for napkins so that they can finish their project.

craft night

Craft Night Popcorn Bar

For my craft night party, I decided on a popcorn bar. I didn’t want greasy hands, so I used air popped. I kept the popcorn toppings simple, colorful, and fun. I am always so entertained by finding ways to work little details into my parties, and the snacks at a craft night party are the perfect way to do just that!

craft night

When your guests arrive, welcome them in! Settle them down into their own crafting spot, and encourage them to grab a snack and chit chat with their fellow crafters. For more ambiance, I created a playlist of some “artsy” music and had it going on in the background.

craft night

Make sure that everyone has enough space to feel comfortable crafting, and if there are guests that don’t know each other, encourage introductions!

craft night

After all of your guests have arrived, get your craft night party started! As the host of the party, make sure you have done your homework and know how to instruct your guests through their craft. Let them know any special tricks or secrets that will help them to be successful! Be the craft goddess that you know you can be!

craft night

Craft Projects

This is when the craft night party fun really begins! Let’s get our craft on! Turn your guests loose to craft and create to their hearts content! I always feel so accomplished and fulfilled in the camaraderie of my friends as we cheer each other on!

craft night

At the end of your party, your guests will love being able to take something home that they have created! And, look at you! Not only can you throw an amazing party, but you are a craft maven to boot! I’ve given you the recipe for the perfect craft night party, all you have to do is add your own elements and invite your own friends—and you can take all of the credit!

Craft Night Inspiration

Are you interested in the coffee filter wreath that we created at our craft night party? Come back next week for instructions! Until then, here are a few ideas for your upcoming party:

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  • Shannon says:

    Me and 5 of my friends have a weekly craft night. When we started we found a craft and all worked on it but now we all just bring what we are currently working on. We had trouble finding something that we all actually wanted in our house week after week. We rotate back and forth between a couple houses and each try to remember to bring a snack for the group.

  • Alli says:

    This is absolutely adorable. I’ve been looking for a craft to do for our Girlfriends Unlimited Spring Event. I think I may have found it! Yippee!

  • This is so cute… I would love to organize something like this in our neck of woods…

  • ronnie says:

    so much fun 🙂

  • Geena Quotsy says:

    You guys have such an inspiring blog right here. I really like the pictures and the design and you’ll have so much fun. Keep it up!

  • Jean Lynd says:

    This is great! I would like to do something like this.

  • Sierra says:

    Oops, going to check it out again!

  • Sierra says:

    So wish I had the patience to sit down and be creative! I love your passion!

  • What a great idea for crafters. I used to do something similar when I taught a critique group. We made it fun and all about learning more about the “writing” craft. I think that is is so wonderful that SITS is full of “crafty” bloggers. I get to see all the beautiful things you create with your imagination. I hope that you take a moment and visit my blog and see what my imagination inspires me to do with words. Have a blessed day!

  • Lesley says:

    I am so in love with this post! What a friggen GREAT idea! Soooo fun!

  • Pam says:

    How fun. My 19 year old daughter and I have been wanting to do this for a while now, but need a bigger space to do it. Having trouble coming up with some place—library doesn’t allow food and community rooms are kind of expensive. Would love to do this though! Great pics, and it looks like it was so much fun.

  • Crafting parties with your friends are so much fun! I can’t wait to have my own now that I have a larger house.

  • Fun! We keep saying that we’re going to have a “craft party” and never get around to it. Maybe it’s time to finally follow through.

  • Chris Carter says:

    OH that looks SO SO FUN!!! I love that wreath too! What a great way to get your friends together and do something creative and productive with something beautiful in hand at the end of it all! Bravo! 🙂

  • Never occurred to me you can have an adult crafting party. Thanks for the great idea!

  • Autumn says:

    Man I wish we were neighbors! Im so doing this! I cant wait for the post about how to make those awesome wreaths. Looks like the perfect project. Thank Emily!

  • Beth says:

    I just love Emily! Super post girl!! Love all your pics. All the time. So stinking cute!

  • Emelie says:

    I wish I was crafty or creative enough to come up with stuff like this!!