Polar Express Party

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Since the age of one my son has been totally obsessed with trains. Anything and everything trains has owned our world for the past 4 years. We have spent many days wandering train amusement parks, reading train books, playing with trains, and during Christmas, setting up our Polar Express track. The Polar Express screams Christmas to our family. It is such a fun and sweet book that I grew up reading, and I am so thrilled to share it with my kids. More recently Tom Hanks made it in to an animated film that has fabulously catchy music. I must confess that the CD plays even in the summer months in our house. This year I decided to throw my son a Polar Express Party to truly kick off the Christmas season.

Polar Express Party Ideas | From food to favors, decor, and the cutest printables you've seen, everything you need to throw the perfect Polar Express Party is here.

Polar Express Party

If you have not read the book or seen the movie I suggest you order it right away! It is a fun tale that reminds children and adults what the spirit of Christmas is really about. The story tells the tale of a little boy who takes an adventurous journey to the North Pole aboard the Polar Express. He gets the first gift of Christmas from Santa, and chooses a silver bell from Santa’s sleigh. The story teaches all those who truly believe in Santa can still hear the bell ring.

Create a hot chocolate bar for your Polar Express party!

For the decor of the Polar Express party I went with a fun display of treats and holiday whimsy!

A ticket booth for a Polar Express party is such a cute idea!

We had a ticket stand for kids to get their tickets for the Polar Express!


Wooden toys make great party decorations.

We were hosting a viewing of the movie, and had to make sure the kids were well stocked up with goodies while watching! I served popcorn, cookies, some classic sodas, and, of course, Hot Chocolate.

This darling printable is exactly what you need for a Polar Express Hot Chocolate bar!

The Hot Chocolate bar was the hit of the day. I had different flavors of marshmallows and hot chocolate.

Create a cute hot chocolate bar with different flavors of hot chocolate and marshmallows!

I served white hot chocolate, dark hot chocolate, and milk hot chocolate. I also had chocolate stirring sticks if the kids wanted to double the chocolaty goodness! Each child had their own Santa mug for sipping steaming hot cocoa.

Santa mugs are a must for a Polar Express party.

Create a cute hot chocolate bar with personal mugs!

I decorated the popcorn boxes with their tickets to view the movie. Every guest had to have a ticket to get in to this exclusive screening of Polar Express.

Popcorn is a must at a Polar Express viewing party!

For some baked goodies I made little bags of “coal” cookies and bell sugar cookies. The kids thought the coal looked authentic, and asked if it was edible, so I was pretty happy with my baking success.

What a cute way to serve "coal" for kids to eat! Lump of coal cookies!

We had chocolate covered Oreos, white chocolate peppermint pretzels, m&ms, and peppermint taffy as well.


Cute bell sugar cookies are exactly what you need for a Polar Express party!

We are obsessed with these Bell sugar cookies!

Each child took home their own bell from Santa’s sleigh.

These favors for the Polar Express party are exactly what we need! A cute printable and a simple bell make magic.

These darling Polar Express printables were so easy to print and attach to a packet of bells. It was a super cute and cheap favor to make. Even if you are not throwing an entire Polar Express party, it would be so cute to have your Elf on the Shelf leave one for your kids in the morning with the Polar Express book or movie!

The bell still rings for those who believe. Polar Express Party Favor

These beautiful Polar Express tickets can be used for any special Christmas occasion.

Give these tickets to kids at a Polar Express party or for a cute Christmas lights viewing ride!

I plan to write in “Christmas Light tour of our neighborhood” and give the kids a ticket they can redeem for a ride around to check our the twinkling lights!

All aboard the Polar Express Printables

Christmas is truly the time for believing in the beauty of everything, especially when seen through a child’s eyes. This was one of the best parties I have thrown and attended.

Conductor hats were a big hit at this Polar Express party!

The kids were delighted at the experience, and of course all wore their jammies and robes to view the show. The best part is…it was a silent night in our house. The kids were glued to the show and goodies, and I didn’t hear a peep!

Grab these cute Polar Express Printables for your party!

Polar Express Party Printables | From food to favors, decor, and the cutest printables you've seen, everything you need to throw the perfect Polar Express Party is here.

Start a fun family tradition this year and host a Polar Express Party for the kids!

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