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My obsession with superhero things has been intensified lately. I think I love the idea of having a super powerful alter ego. I also swoon over little boys dressed in superhero costumes. It is just the cutest thing to see them so wide eyed and open to the world of imagination, and the idea that they can be anything they want. So, when a good friend told me she was throwing a superhero party for her little guys, I jumped at the chance to help. I didn’t have to think hard to come up with super hero party ideas, because there are so many easy party ideas that work well with the superhero theme.

Everything you need to throw the best super hero birthday party! Includes a free printable and superhero party games, food bar, and other ideas to make your party a smash hit! | Super Hero Party Ideas

Super Hero Party Ideas

For a super hero party, I love the idea of mixing patterns. It is all about graphic black and white with big pops of red, blue, green, and yellow. The brighter the better, it is fun to go overboard sometimes, and a superhero party is the perfect theme to break out of the mold.

A Super Hero party needs bold colors and graphics so your kids can feel like they are in the middle of their favorite comic book.

At the entrance to the party my friend created a beautiful backdrop for a photo booth. Her husband built it out of pvc pipe, and she draped the cutest black and white polka dot fabric. She also covered boxes in black paper, and used yellow duct tape to make little building for our superheroes to protect in the photos.

Super Hero Party Food Bar

Super Hero Party food table ideas.

We did a dessert table with a little candy bar and popcorn.

All super heroes love popcorn!

Popcorn bars are a lot of fun for a kid's party. They can mix popcorn and candy in little treat bags for a fun snack.

The candy we chose were cinnamon bears for the “Holy Hot”, Lemonheads “Super Sour”, green rock candy lollipops for “Kryptonite”, and ring pops.

With the right sign, any candy can have a super hero theme for a candy bar at your super hero birthday party! 0015 0024

The birthday boy’s sister stated that the ring pops reminded her of the green lanterns power ring, so it worked perfectly!

Just like the candy, drinks can easily be given a super hero theme with the right sign! We had “Invisible Water” and green “Hulk Punch!”

Super Hero Party Drinks

We also had a few homemade dessert options like mini bunt cakes and Thor’s Hammer pretzel sticks.

Mini Bunt Cakes with Super Hero Comic Book signs - perfect for a super hero birthday party!

Pretzel sticks and marshmallows easily become Thor Hammers for your Super Hero party!

The backdrop for the sweets table was made using the front of comic book covers that I found in a huge bundle at TJMAXX.

This is an easy backdrop for your super hero party. Make sure not to use comic books you want to keep as collectibles.

I just Mod podged them to a large poster board, and it fit perfectly in the space!

Super Hero Party Games

A little paint and cardboard boxes, and you can have your own Hulk Smash game for your super hero party!

Of course a party isn’t a party without games! We started with Hulk Smash. It was a fan favorite, because after all who doesn’t love to smash some things up! The boxes are painted to look like bricks, and boys put on hulk hands, and went to town.

Hulk Smash is a fun game for your super hero party! Just paint simple cardboard boxes and let the kids have fun!

Super Heroes! Let kids decorate their own masks for your superhero party.

Super heroes need a mask, so we set up a decorate your own mask station for the kids.

Decorate your own super hero mask! Great superhero party idea. Perfect for a kid's birthday party.

The fun and games didn’t stop there, we also had “Spidey String” for the kids to use.

With a little creativity, silly string can become "Spidey String" - perfect for a super hero theme birthday party game. 0045


We made felt capes with each boys’ initial on them – they were the perfect addition to the super hero masks.

0001The capes were sewed, but if you are not keen on using a sewing machine, you can use a hot glue gun to add the initials to the back of the capes.

Create a super hero cape for each child at your party. They will be a lot of fun while the kids play, and double as a party gift when the kids go home.

After all that work our little superheroes were super hungry, so they made their way to their own little dining table. This was one of my favorite spots, because it was so simple and cute.

Great table setting ideas for a super hero birthday party. Love the bold colors and fun comic book graphics.

Ready to have your own Super Hero Party?

Grab your free Super Hero Word Bubble Printable HERE!

As I have said numerous times… I reuse pretty much ALL of my decorations. So when buying things I always think, can I reuse this? With 4th of July parties right around the corner, summer is the perfect time for a superhero soirée. The red, blue, and white decorations can be used again.

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  • Stacey says:

    We’re doing a superhero themed party for my oldest son’s third birthday in a couple of months. Love these ideas! It’ll just be family, but that means there will be kids from 9 months up to almost 17 so I need things that will interest them all.

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    I love these super hero party ideas! After our pirate party this year I see endless possibilities for next year! Thank you so much!

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    Great ideas that Kids would love and also the grown ups.

    Saludos desde Puerto Rico.

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  • Kelli says:

    Loved all of these ideas!!

  • tammi says:

    This is such a cute party. You went to a lot of work to create a complete super hero experience. I really love the capes. Those are very clever!