The Evil Queen Party

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Goblins, and Ghouls, and witches OH MY! Halloween is around the corner, which means that the spooky movies will begin to play over and over again on TV.  I love catching reruns of The Adams Family, Hocus Pocus, and The Munsters on family channels. But, let’s not forget the original Queen of the Night when it comes to frightening tales…the witch!

Disney movies are my first memory of being a little terrified of a spooky old witch. Snow White had the creepiest witch in their 1937 Disney animation of the classic Grimm Brothers Fairytale. I later learned her name was, Queen Grimhilde, but honestly I was so terrified I just called her The Witch. With the revival of classic fairy tales in the ABC show Once Upon a Time, The Evil Queen is back on center stage, and just as spooky as ever! This Evil Queen Party is inspired by the classic fairy tale (and all evil queens) just in time for Halloween!

Give your Halloween party a royal twist! If you love the original Queen Grimhilde from Snow White or if Regina Once Upon A Time is your favorite - this party is the perfect way to celebrate your favorite Evil Queen. | Evil Queen Halloween Party Ideas

Evil Queen Party

Branches, spider webs, and potion bottles were the inspiration for this set up. I remember Snow white running through the forest to escape the huntsman and being caught in branches and spiderwebs. I found these perfect black branches at a fabric store and knew I simply could not pass them by. To keep the branches upright, I stuck them in some foam squares, and they stayed perfectly. I was able to reuse the candelabras I already have at my house, but decided black taper candles would make them appear more evil.

Branches and spiderwebs give way to the illusion of a creepy haunted forest in this Evil Queen Party!

I included some old black lanterns that I have used for many parties, and they matched perfectly. There are key pieces like these lanterns that I am so happy I have purchased, because I have been able to reuse them a million times! The potion bottles and small pots were amassed through various shopping trips.

Use spooky inspired candy to add to the dessert table at any Evil Queen Party

I filled little jars with spooky witch finger lollipops, chocolate eyeballs, and candy worms. These are all essential things for making potions and spells! Also, these cute little owls made their debut, and will for sure be returning for decorative purposes at our house!

Old potion bottles are the perfect accessory to any Evil Queen Party


The cups were creepy skeleton head goblets and spooky mixing beakers. The kids were so thrilled with the added garnishes I placed on top. The beakers had gummy worms draped off the side, and the goblets had gummy eyeballs adorned on top. I told several children they were real eyeballs, just to have a little Halloween fun!

Use dry ice and gummy eyeballs to serve up a bone chilling drink this Halloween!

Gummy eyeballs and dry ice are the perfect addition to any spooky Halloween Punch. Especially if it is served at an Evil Queen Party like this one!

Of course, no Evil Queen party would be complete without poisoned apples! I made Candied Poisoned Apples which I will be sharing the recipe for next week, and they were adorned with the a creepy note daring the guests to, ” Take Just One Bite.” These were a MAJOR hit! I used actual old twigs (after I washed them) to be the sticks for the apples.

I feel candied apples are somewhat of a lost art. I rarely see them made around Halloween, but I am on a mission to bring them back! I mean, at least kids are eating fruit, even if it is dipped in sugar! Right? Keeping with the apple theme I also made apple shaped sugar cookies for the kiddos!

Candied Poisoned Apples were given an extra scary twist with actual twigs as the handles. The perfect thing to serve at an Evil Queen Party!

Apple sugar cookies were a smash hit at this Evil Queen Party!

The major focus for the table was my “mirror” inspired hanging art piece. This cute “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” printable can be used for you to make your own!

Grab Your Free Halloween Party Printables Here!

" Mirror Mirror on the Wall, whose the fairest of them ALL?" is the perfect craft to make for a show stopping centerpiece at an Evil Queen Party

I found a wood scroll oval shaped cutout for $4 from a craft store, and sprayed it black. Next I took the printable, and simply hot glued it to the center of the frame. I then cut off the extra sides of the paper, and it was the perfect centerpiece!

I used my cricut machine to make the “Take A Bite” Banner that beckoned all who entered to dare to take a bite of these evil treats! While you have your jar of spray paint out, you can also make some spooky evil roses! I got these from the Dollar Tree and sprayed the edges black to make them look creepy, and perhaps like they came from the garden of an evil queen!

Spray fake roses with a touch of black spray paint to give them a creepy undead look!

The last thing I did was whip up a brew of my favorite Spooky Punch. It’s the perfect drink for an Evil Queen, and your guests will love it.

Black pillar candles, apples with cobwebs, and spooky treats are served at this Evil Queen Party!

This table was actually put together for my nieces birthday party.  She loves all the “icky witches” in the Disney movies, so we decided an evil twist would be perfect!

Little kids dressed as princesses, villians, and witches at this Evil Queen inspired party!

The girls dressed up as princesses, queens, and classic evil villains from various Fairy tales. It was such a fun and different way to have a royal-themed party. Because, honestly, sometimes it is so fun to be bad! And Halloween is the perfect time for that!

What is a must-have for your Evil Queen party?

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