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Summer is one of the best times for parties. The bright colors and long summer nights practically beg for a get together. I have yet to throw a huge summer soiree, but my girlfriends recently threw one for me! I was the recipient of a super fun surprise tropical party! The decor, food, and company were absolutely perfect. They mixed and matched colors, textures, and ideas to throw the perfect Hawaiian Bash!

How to throw the perfect tropical party with delicious food and cute party decor. The flamingos and pineapple flower arrangements make it extra fun.

Tropical Party

My favorite thing about a tropical party is the vibrant colors! I loved how they used various textures to make fabulous, festive flower arrangements! When you are planning your party, think about big palm leaves, vines, pineapples, and coconuts! Use whatever speaks to you and makes you feel like you are in a lush jungle.

Pineapple flower arrangements are all the rage!

Pineapples actually make fantastic vases. Put flowers in your pineapples and accent them with tropical leaves.

Tip: To make sure the water stays in the pineapple, cut a water bottle and put it in the center. 

These palm leaves are such a great way to decorate! Use pineapples as vases for your tropical party decor.


The tropical leaves add a lot of drama. You can find palm leaves and palm plants at pretty much any garden store.

These lush tropical arrangements are all the rage!

Tropical Party Food

Good food at a party is a must. The goodies at my surprise party all went with the tropical theme. There was key lime pie, flamingo sugar cookies, donuts made to look like pineapples, pineapple chocolate suckers, macaroons, and much more. Let’s just say, the guests did not leave hungry!

These adorable cookies are so perfect!

These flamingo sugar cookies were a guest favorite!

Tropical Party Food Table

The chocolate suckers were so cute and perfectly festive, all it takes is a mold and some green and yellow candy melts!

These chocolate suckers are perfect for this Luau

A cute and simple way to make donuts festive for a tropical party! Pineapple Sugar Donuts

A plate full of doughnuts can easily be made to look like pineapples!


My absolute favorite food item was the cake! It was so colorful and fit the theme perfectly!

Flamingo Cake

The matching cupcakes were also well received. A simple palm leaf motif is the perfect accent. Sometimes simple is the way to go.

Cupcakes with a leaf for a tropical party.

Tropical Party Tablescape

I am lucky enough to have a friend who is an amazing artist. She is always my go-to for party signs. She created a beautiful, festive Mojito Bar sign as well as a fun “Let’s Flamingle” framed chalkboard sign!

This mojito bar is SO cute! Love the Classic Mojito sign for party decor.

This signage is cutest sign for a Luau!

Guests took their treats and food to the backyard and dined in a tropical paradise. I loved the combination of the bold black and white place mats with the laid back look of all the tropical decor. Three different colored plates were used, but they all lived in the same color family, so they worked perfectly!

Combine bright colors and black and white place mats! The pineapple flower arrangements are the perfect final touch for tropical party decor.

White table clothes worked perfect as a backdrop for bnright tropical colors!

Another great touch to the party was the picture display. My friends paired another amazing custom sign with a bamboo backdrop. It was a great way to add personalized fun to the party.

Bamboo backing is such a great idea for a photo display! This is a cute birthday party idea.


Lush flowers and fun pink flamingos were all around to create a fun atmosphere. Add in a margarita machine, and you have an instant party!


Tip: For an extra glitzy idea… spray paint a few pineapples gold!


You can never go wrong with gold foil balloons. They add a huge impact without spending a lot of cash! Put them at the entrance table and let guests get in the mood for a good party!

These fun gold balloons are perfect for any party.

Your tropical party should be fun, bright, and most of all, relaxed.

Guests should feel like they are free to lounge around and enjoy delicious drinks and treats.


With these fun party ideas, you are ready to throw the perfect tropical party!

How to throw the perfect tropical party with delicious food and cute party decor. The flamingos and pineapple flower arrangements make it extra fun.

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