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How to Create a Blog Header with Pic Monkey

By Aug 13, 2013July 10th, 201422 Comments

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Hiring a designer to create your blog header can be expensive. So many bloggers want a beautiful design but can not justify the cost of paying for one.

What if you could make your own blog header using Pic Monkey? If you aren’t familiar with Pic Monkey, it’s a free online program where you can edit and create beautiful images. The best part is that Pic Monkey is extremely easy to use.

How to Make a Blog Header Using Pic Monkey

How to Create a Blog Header

I decided to do another tutorial on how to make a blog header using Pic Monkey! It’s easier and… are you ready for this??? Pic Monkey is a free photo editing platform available to anyone and everyone online. Yes, that’s even you, who don’t even know how to put text on a picture.

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