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Be Creative With Low Light Photography | SITS Summer Photography Challenge Day 8

By Jul 22, 20157 Comments

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Shooting in low light can be intimidating, but also fun and challenging! I, by default, am usually forced to shoot in low light due to working full time and not getting home until the light is leaving. And with the exception of a few rooms in my house, my house can resemble a cave in the winter months when it comes to available light. But I’ve learned a few tricks to work with it and I’m going to share the 3 most important photography tips to help you be creative with Low Light Photography.

Low Light Photography Tips | Great tips for shooting pictures in dark places.

How To Be Creative With Low Light Photography

1. Use available light

Child watching movie on tablet.

Settings: f/3.5 SS 1/125 ISO 12800

As with all photography, low light photography starts with light. With low light photography, find a pocket of light and place your subject in it. The effect can be dramatic like the photo above. It was late evening and there was light coming in from the window in front of him. I simply moved him slightly to the right into the light and took the photo.

2. Don’t be afraid of High ISO

Pink Roses | Photography Tips for taking pictures in low light.

Settings f/4 SS: 1/125 ISO 6400

ISO controls your camera’s sensitivity to light. In low light, you need all the light you can get hitting your camera’s sensor. So it will almost always be necessary to raise your ISO. Raising your ISO can lead to grain or noise in your photo. BUT it is always better to have a properly exposed image than an underexposed photo, and this is especially true in low light photography. That way you can minimize the amount of grain you will have. One trick is to overexpose in camera or Expose to the Right. It is easier to bring down an exposure than to try to increase it later . This will INCREASE the amount of grain in your photos.

3. Be creative with your editing

Child Playing With Toy

Settings: f 2.5 SS: 1/125 ISO: 3200

The photo above was taken in the late evening by a window in my hallway. I was a: using available light and b: I had cranked up my ISO to allow as much light as I could to enter my camera. Here is my original photo, SOOC (straight out of my camera).

Boy playing with toys.

When I took this photo, I exposed to the right, or overexposed the photo to minimize the grain. When I pulled it into Lightroom, the first thing I did was pull down the exposure to get it to look more like it did in my head. I wanted to have the shadows in the photo, because I knew when I took the photo, that I wanted it in Black and White.

Boy playing with toy.

Finally, I cropped the photo creatively and converted the photo to black and white.

Taking a low light image to black and white and cropping it creatively can make a beautiful and interesting photo.

Hopefully I have answered a few of your questions about low light photography. The big thing is to not be afraid of it. With a little preparation, you can still take great pictures.

SITS Summer Photo Challenge – Low Light Photography

Take your blog photography to the next level with this two-week photography challenge from The SITS Girls. Full of great photography tips and helpful ideas to improve your photography, as well as the opportunity to connect with the community and get feedback on your images.

You task today is to take your camera and seek out those little pockets of light, crank up your ISO, and shoot! Make sure you share your best low light pictures on your blog and on social media using the hashtag #SITSBlogging!

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