September Photo Challenge on Instagram

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Instagram is such a fun social media platform that gives you a nice sneak peak into other’s lives. We are hoping to connect with all of our SITStah’s this month buy hosting a SITS Photo Challenge on Instagram.

Keeping reading for all of the details! This photo challenge is fun, light-hearted and a great way to connect with others and grow your following on Instagram.

Join the September Instagram Challenge!

I used to grab my phone, immediately open Facebook or Twitter and scroll through my news feed, catching up on the latest gossip or links that I had missed since I last signed on. Until I discovered Instagram.

My love for this new app grew and I soon found myself ditching the other platforms and devoting my time to my beloved Instagram feed. I catch myself scrolling through the photos, liking and commenting on the ones that make me smile.

Then I thought, what better way to share my love of Instagram than with a little photo challenge with all of you?

Starting on Sunday, September 15 we are hosting a week long Instagram photo challenge and we would love nothing more than to see you all join in.

photo challenge instagram

Our focus is all about getting back to blogging in a fun and easy way!

Just follow along with our daily prompts:

  • Sunday, September 15: What are you reading?
  • Monday, September 16: What’s in your mug?
  • Tuesday, September 17: Outside your window
  • Wednesday, September 18: Handwriting
  • Thursday, September 19: What’s on your desk?
  • Friday, September 20: Noon – Take a pic of what you’re doing mid-day
  • Saturday, September 21: Where you find inspiration

Be sure to use the hashtag #SITSPhotoChallenge so we can all see your photos! Happy snappin’!

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