How to Share Your Photos From Instagram

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We all know that the best part of taking awesome pictures with Instagram is the ability for us to share those pictures with our friends and family that may not be on Instagram all the time, or even at all! Instagram can easily be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Tumblr.

Do you love Instagram? Do you want to share your photos across all your social media platforms? Learn how with these easy tips!

Photo Sharing from Instagram

In order to connect your Instagram account and app to the other 4 social networks you need to click the Profile icon located on the bottom right corner of the app screen. It looks like a little contact card.

Next click on Edit Sharing Settings.

{On an Android, you may have to click the 3 dot menu icon at the top right to find “Edit sharing settings”.}

instagram photo sharing

Click each network you would like to add to Instagram. The app will then prompt you to enter your username and password into the appropriate network, and then you will have to allow Instagram access to your various social media accounts.

Once the accounts are connected, you are ready to share your awesome Instagram creations!

Blast Out Your Pictures from Instagram

Once you’ve given Instagram access to your social media account, you can go ahead and take a photo with your Instagram app, or select a photo you’ve already taken from within the app.

Choose the filter you want to use to make the photo super awesome. Hit the next arrows and then you can type a caption for your photo. When you type this caption, it will be used along with the photo to post to your various social networks.

So whatever you type will end up as your tweet along with the link to the photo, or it will be the caption for the photo when it appears on Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr.

Then you will check mark which social networks you want to post this particular photo to. I’m a little more private on Facebook than I am on Twitter, so I like that I can choose my sharing options with each photo that I share. Some things will be shared on Facebook and Twitter, some will only be shared on Facebook.

how to share photos

Next you click upload, and your Instagram will instantly appear on the social networks you have selected!

Twitter vs Facebook Photo Sharing

Like I mentioned, Twitter will just show a link, but Facebook has a fully integrated Instagram app within your profile. Your Facebook friends that aren’t on Instagram can comment on your photo directly in your profile, however, these comments won’t come through to the actual Instagram.

how to share photos from instagram

Sharing your Instagram photos with all of your social networks allows your friends to join in the instagram fun, even if they don’t have a smartphone with the app, so get sharing!

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