Spring into Action: Your Photo Tips!

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TGIF y’all!

It’s been a great week with lots of activity in our Flickr group, the forums and especially on Twitter under #SITSpics! As usual, The SITS Community blows me away with its exceptional bloggers. I’ve had so much fun reading through your photo tips and looking at your shots!

A lot of information has been presented this week. Today we’re going to briefly review and share some great examples and articles contributed by the community. There’s also a challenge for the weekend which will give you an opportunity to complete the photo and blogging challenges if you haven’t already. There’s no time limit, so don’t feel rushed!

Day 1: Composition & Perspective

We went over composition and perspective and issued a challenge to take at least 20 shots with varying compositions and perspectives! Here’s some of what you came up with!

SITS day one 010Challenge 1.1

Photo Credits: (Left) Heather at In the Land of Mom. (Right) Sarah at It’s Better Every Day.

Day 2: Photo Editing & Collages

We covered that photo editing includes selecting your best shots and discarding the rest, then went over some free online photo editing and collage resources. Then we asked you to take a stab at editing your shots and including them in a post.


Photo Credit: Hannah at bubbleboo Photography

Day 3: Lighting

This is one of the most difficult aspects of photography, so we went over some free and easy photo tips to make the most out of indoor and outdoor lighting, then challenged you to find the best lighting in and around your home!

It's Orange. I Found It.

Photo Credit: Cecily at My Chaos My Bliss

Day 4: Social Networking Tips

We went over some ways to use Flickr and Twitter to promote your blog and improve your photography. Your challenge is to write a post about one of your favorite uses of social networking. I’m going to continue collecting ALL of your submissions to categorize and present in a forum post for your reference, so please continue to submit those articles on the forum or on Twitter using #SITSpics!

Coming Up…

Next week we’re going to cover Repetition, Lines, Black and White and Color photo tips. In blogging tips, we’ll go over some easy ways to style your photos, what you need to know about image SEO and what steps you can take to protect your photos online.

Again, keep the great links coming! You can jump into the challenge at any time!

A Day in the Life Challenge!

This is a creative challenge for which you can utilize everything you’ve learned so far about composition, perspective and lighting!

Document a day in the life with photographs. From the top of the morning until the wee hours of night, take pictures throughout the day. Your DitL can center around your blog’s niche and doesn’t have to be personal in nature. A fashion blog might do a day in the life of a shoe or handbag while a food blog might try a day in the life of a stove or refrigerator.

You don’t need to use the photos all together in an entry, but you will probably find one or two that will work well for future blog posts!

Link up or share your experience documenting a day in the life on our forums! You can also share your photos in our Flickr group or Tweet about your experience using #SITSpics!

As an example, here’s a day in the life I did recently.

Have fun and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!