7 Tips For Awesome Product Photography For Your Blog

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I know as bloggers, we all work hard to make sure we get our photos just right for our blog posts. Most of us don’t have professional studios and have to work with what we have! As a Photography blogger, I get asked a lot of questions about product photography. I’ve learned a few photography tips and tricks that have helped my product photography improve over the years. I thought hard on what I wanted to share with you about product photography and today I am here to give you 7 tips for awesome product photography for your blog.

Bloggers often have to take photographs of products for their blog. These seven product photography tips will help you get the best shots that your sponsors will love! | Blogging Tip



Go through your house and find where the best natural light is. That might be your kitchen, near the sliding doors in your bedroom, or on the floor of your living room. Where ever it is, use it! If you find the light is too strong, try softening it up with sheer fabric placed over the light source.


Sometimes the difference between an OK photo and a great one is your angle. Don’t stop at the first shot you get. Shoot from different angles. Try shooting from above, from below, from eye level, from the side or from what is known as three quarters: not quite overhead and not quite eye level.

3. GROUP IN 3’s

The Rule of 3 is a principle used in design. The idea is that objects arranged in odd numbers are more appealing and effective than even numbered pairings or groups. Basically, odd makes your photo more interesting. So if you have one main object say a coffee cup, pair it up with 2 supporting objects like coffee beans and creamer.


Props add visual interest and depth to your photos. You want it to look as though you just happened by your product and found it there in a natural setting….with beautiful light and perfect props. Keeping in mind our last tip( group in 3s), lets say your main product is a beautiful teacup. Now, while it’s temping to get a beautiful photo of that tea cup and call it a day, think about our last tip and add a few props: tea leaves and a tea pot; the teacup, and saucer with a tea bag, the teacup, a good book and a teacup. Props help you tell a story, therefore making your photos more interesting.


Keep a your background simple so that the focus is on the product, not the background. This will help showcase your products better. The easiest way to do this is to get a large trifold board, a plain white poster board or a roll of white paper. Choose a board/paper with matte texture so that there is no glare from your background. Not only are they portable, cheap and PERFECT for product photography, the white boards will help you bounce light back to create even more light over your product.


A tripod makes sure you have a steady hand. You want to make sure that you have nice clear photos instead of blurry handheld ones because your shutter speed was too low. A tripod can also help you get those tricky overhead shots without having to balance yourself on a piece of furniture!


I can’t say this enough. All the tips in the world won’t help if you don’t know how to use your camera. Take the time to read the manual, practice with your camera so that you know how to use it in any situation. Learn the settings your need to get those creamy blurred backgrounds, know how to get the correct white balance so your white teacup isn’t yellow. And practice!

So there you have it! 7 tips for awesome product photography for your blog!

What tips do you have that make your product photography better?

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  • Some more tips for better product image photography:

    1) Of course keep the image in high quality.
    2) Shoot against a white background.
    3) Use Sufficient Lighting.
    4) Try to use a Template.
    5) Photography is a Technical & Complex field that’s why you need to learn & understand your Camera much more.

  • Deepanker says:

    I do smartphone reviews. So, I have to take shots to publish in better way. This is why I was looking for a guide to teach me how to take better photos and I landed here. Thanks for this resource. I found some good tips here to apply.

  • Charlotte says:

    Great tips! I never knew that about the rule of 3s, interesting! I’m going to look into one of those matte backgrounds; thanks for this!

  • jennifer says:

    This is something I definitely need to work on.. would have loved the post to have picture examples of each tip though!

  • Great tips! It’s shameful how little I even touch my DSLR. I so need to do better.

    Not to mention I have three tripods! I know, I’m a hot mess.

  • Daenel T says:

    Great tips! I especially like the last one: knowing how to use your camera is so important. And shooting in Manual!! Honestly, didn’t realize the difference it would make.

  • I always love your photography tips. I’ve been a fan of the Rule of Thirds since I learned about it. A tripod is the most helpful for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anita Utami says:

    These are wonderful tips! I especially like the simple background advice. My place is so small. Most of the times there are always clutters in the background that get included in the picture. This trick will do very well to create clean and simple background.

  • Malorie says:

    Love these tips!! I really appreciate the rule of three tip and will definitely put it to use:)

  • Natural light definitely makes a big difference in the overall look of photos. The color in photos shot in natural light look gorgeous and I love when I see those photos where the sun reflects off a shiny surface like mirrored shades or sequins just right and you get that cute little sunburst. Great tips!

  • JoAnna says:

    Great Tips! I’m looking to improve photography on my blog. Definitely keeping this in handy.

  • Kara says:

    Great photography tips! I’m still learning my DSLR camera but I enjoying the outcome of incorporating the new things I am learning. Glad I have more to practice now

  • Awesome tips! LaShawn! I’m always trying to improve my photography game. I’ve been incorporating props and such but thanks for the tip on the Rule of 3.

  • MJ says:

    Thank you for these great tips. I am slowly working on my photography. I have a tripod now I just need to remember to use it. I’m glad the weather has improved. The lighting in my house is terrible so I’m looking forward to taking pics outdoors.

  • Mimi says:

    a tripod has made the difference for me. The clarity even at a high shutter speed is so much better. Great tips!! Looking forward to more. Definitely adding the props to my things to buy list

  • Kita says:

    I am still learning my camera and practicing daily I even took it off of auto the other day….I was scared but the picture came out great. I just gotta learn those iso numbers and f numbers

  • B Style says:

    Great tips! I so need lessons with my own camera! When will you start your classes? Or maybe you can just look at my camera. Great tips!!

  • Prerna says:

    These are some of the best tips for bloggers. I normally click multiple shots and then select the best but I think getting a tripod is definitely a good idea to manage those blurrs.

  • Best tips.. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  • Tammi says:

    Thank you for these great tips. I am going to start using props in my jewelry photography again. I think they do help make an image more interesting.