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Motion And Action Photography | SITS Summer Photography Challenge Day 9

By Jul 23, 2015February 16th, 20187 Comments

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The kids are racing around the playground and having fun. You want to capture the moment with a photo. But every time you push the shutter button, the resulting picture is blurry. Action photography is hard, but it isn’t impossible.

There is a way to capture a moment in time with your camera. To freeze the action forever. It is possible with simple settings on your camera to either blur or freeze a subject. These are the photography tips I’m going to share with you today – how to capture movement and action in your photos.

Photography Tips | Learn the best settings and other secrets for great action photography. Includes a shutter speed cheat sheet.

Motion And Action Photography

There are different ways to capture motion. These all depend upon the goals of the photographer. Goals can range from freezing action, freezing the background, or blurring. It all depends on your goal as a photographer.

Shutter speed determines the blur or clarity of an action shot. For point-and-shoot cameras, the “sports” setting captures action and movement.

{Quick Tip – Fast shutter speed freezes motion and makes the subject sharp. Slower shutter speed will blur the movement. The average shutter speed is 1/60 sec. Higher is faster, lower is slower.}

On a DSLR, I use “shutter priority” to adjust the shutter speed while allowing the camera to handle the ISO and aperture. More experienced or practiced photographers will use “Manual” to manage all camera settings.

Sports Action Photography

Wrestling Match | Photography tips for capture action and motion with your camera.

Sometimes you want to freeze the action, especially during a sports event. Slower sports (soccer, basketball) use at least 1/600 sec. Faster sports use at least 1/1000 sec.

How: Set shutter speed fast; at least 1/600 sec.

Blurred Subject, Focused Background

Speeding Train | Learn how to capture a shot with blur and focus exactly how you want it.

You’ve seen these amazing photos. They are the photos with the blurry train and clear trees or blurred car lights with clear buildings or landscaping. The goal is to depict motion and movement.

American Flag

How: Use a tripod to prevent camera shake (the unintentional movement of the camera causing blur). Use a slow shutter speed to create blur.

Blurred Background, Focused Subject

Photography Tips | Learn how to get the perfect level of blur in your photo while keeping your subject in perfect focus.

These photos capture motion differently. Instead of the subject showing speed, the subject is frozen while motion surrounds.

How: Shutter speed is set slow. The success of this technique is panning. The photographer moves the camera with the motion. It takes practice but can result in captivating images.

Blur Everything

This is a stunning technique for bright lights (a city street at night). Set your shutter speed slow to create the blurry image.

What is The Correct Shutter Speed?

Shutter speeds are a set of guidelines rather than hard and fast rules. The photographer must determine the type of photo, how fast the subject is moving, and distance from the subject. Each of these factors work together to determine shutter speed. It is always a good idea to take test photos to adjust speed.

Photography Tips | Shutter Speed Cheat Sheet | A handy guide for helping you determine how to set your shutter speed.

While you ultimately have to decide what shutter speed is perfect in the moment, this guide will give you an idea where to start as you take your test shots.

SITS Summer Photo Challenge — Motion and Action Photos

Take your blog photography to the next level with this two-week photography challenge from The SITS Girls. Full of great photography tips and helpful ideas to improve your photography, as well as the opportunity to connect with the community and get feedback on your images.

It is time to practice your motion and action photography! Using the guides above, take a motion shot where the subject is blurred and an action shot in which the subject’s movement is frozen. Share your photos on your blog and explain what you like about each photo. Then share you favorites on social media. Don’t forget to use #SITSblogging so we all can enjoy your photos!

Link Up Your Photography Here

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Day 10 Photography Challenge Preview

Tomorrow is the last day of our challenge – these two weeks sped by FAST! We will be going old school tomorrow with black and white photography tips.

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