Photo Lines and Repetition Tips

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When it comes to the staples of photography, every photo has composition and perspective. And let’s not forget the importance of light and photography.

Putting all of these elements together will give you tons of creative options, and hopefully open up a new way for you to look at the world in terms of taking photos. Cameras are frequently used only for taking snapshots, but when you look closer at the world around you it’s filled with art ready to be photographed.

Photographing lines and repetitive patterns is an art. This guide will help you learn how to take photos of lines and patterns.

Photo Lines

Lines can make bold statements across a photo and the best part is that you find them anywhere: your sidewalk, the side of a building or even a lamp.


Photo Credit: Lynda Giddens at Daily Window

Photo lines can also be used more subtly in your every day photography in the form of leading lines. The leading line is a path the eye takes through the photograph. They may travel throughout the photo or converge at one focal point. Either way, we innately read lines in photographs the way we would a book. Our eyes know what it wants to follow and leading lines take our eyes directly to the subject.

Rape line

Photo Credit: Neil McIntosh (via Creative Commons)

02-07-11 - Photo Walk - End of the Road

Photo Credit: Lynda Giddens at Daily Window

Line up ...........

Photo Credit: Matthew Fang (via Creative Commons)

return of the Jedi

Photo Credit: miuenski (via Creative Commons)

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Repetition and Patterns

Like leading lines, repetition and patterns help your eyes know where to look. Repeating something gives it emphasis, which is a beautiful thing especially in terms of photography. Look for repetition everywhere you go: at the store, in your kitchen, outside. Think about close-ups and tightly framing the shot to fill the photo with a pattern.

Changing Pattern

Photo Credit: Pierre Andrews (via Creative Commons)


Photo Credit: Anna Elizabeth at Maintaining Sanity


Photo Credit: CK and Becka at made by bedtime tales

Colorful Bottles

Photo Credit: Lynda Giddens at Daily Window

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Photography Challenge

The examples shown in this article are every day things, easy enough to capture with any camera if you just see the possibilities before you. Spend some time today closely examining your surroundings.

Find at least five patterns, repetitions or lines and photograph them. Take as many pictures as you want using different compositions and perspectives. Good luck!