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SITS Summer Photography Challenge: Sign Up NOW!

By Jul 6, 20156 Comments

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We love beautiful photography on blogs and social media. LOVE it.

Photography is another way you can share your stories and express your creativity. It is also a great way to illustrate your blog posts. No matter what kind of images you are sharing (pictures of your kids, close-ups of products you are reviewing, beautiful pictures with text added, step by step recipe illustrations, nature photos, or any other kind of picture you can imagine), we want to see you taking the best pictures possible.

You can find a lot of photography tips here — we’ve been talking about photography at The SITS Girls for a long time — but this month we are going to spend two weeks really digging into the art of taking great photos during our summer photography challenge. Some of our favorite photographers are going to share their tips and insight as they challenge you to flex your photography muscles and try new things.

Take your blog photography to the next level with this two-week photography challenge from The SITS Girls. Full of great photography tips and helpful ideas to improve your photography, as well as the opportunity to connect with the community and get feedback on your images.

SITS Summer Photography Challenge: July 13 – 24

Don’t have a fancy camera? No problem! This is the challenge for you. Have a fancy camera…but aren’t quite sure if you are using it to its full potential? This is the challenge for you, too! Mostly using your cell phone camera? Bring on those pictures!

There is a saying that the best camera is the one in your hand. We are going to embrace that sentiment for this challenge, and you will be able to pick up new techniques and inspiration that fit with the equipment you already have.

Summer Photography Challenge Topics

We are going to cover a lot of photography tips and techniques, including:

  • Photo Composition
  • Low Light Photography
  • Motion and Action
  • Cell Phone Photography
  • The Perfect Photo Walk
  • Macro Pictures
  • Black & White Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Taking Pictures Of People You Love

Each day there will be challenges (we could call it homework, but that doesn’t sound nearly as fun), and we will have a linky for you to share your blog posts, instagram images, or other photo links. We will also be using the hashtag #SITSBlogging across social media so you can see the amazing pictures from other participants and get feedback on your own images.

Interested? Sign up here!

Use the below form to sign up, and we’ll keep you up to date on everything that is happening with our Summer Photography Challenge. Then come back next Monday, July 13th, to get your first assignment and link up your pictures or blog post.

About Tracie Nall

Tracie lives in Arizona with her husband, teen daughter, and more books than her shelves will hold. She spends her days writing and editing. Many of her words end up on her blog, From Tracie. Find Tracie on Twitter @FromTracie and on Instagram where she takes pictures of things that are yellow.


  • Sounds like a fun challenge, I am ready to explore new possibilities.

  • Lori Hil says:

    Yay! I’m excited! I am currently abroad and have no way to access the Instagram app at the moment. Any suggestions for apps to upload from my laptop are appreciated!

  • Carolyn says:

    Oh how fun! I’m excited about this one–I’m mildly amateur photography obsessed (my poor one-year-old now instantly launches into a “CHEEEEEEEEESE” the instant she sees me with camera in hand, ha!) so this will be super interesting and fun. Great idea!

  • Jennie Bentle says:

    I do not have a blog or Instagram, but would like to participate in the photography sessions.

    Thanks so much, Jennie

    • Tracie Nall says:

      HI Jennie! So happy you want to participate even without a blog or Instagram. You can share on other social media with the hashtag, or even just do the challenges on your own and look at what other people are sharing. Whatever works best for you.