Introducing the Power Down Podcast

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Do you ever feel the need to:


Log off?


Sign off?

Power down?

It’s a common thread, running through online conversation. People are talking about improving their writing by spending uninterrupted time away from the computer. People are talking about how technology today is too overwhelming. All of us are talking about not being able to keep up.

It seems we’ve come back from our holiday breaks and for now, we see things differently. We start off a new year and expect ourselves to include more balance in our lives, even with technology. Whether we’re hobbyist bloggers, casual social media scrollers, online entrepreneurs or somewhere in between, we’re hungry for quiet…for less.


Power Down is part of this movement, and the Power Down team is so grateful that people are interested in a topic we’ve been secretly working on and are now ready to tackle. How do we find more time for ourselves, our families, our creative energy? Is balance possible? What does powering down look like? How does a person do it? When?

These (and many more) are the questions we’ll be tackling with inspiring and intriguing guests in a podcast with the title…you guessed it, Power Down. Every other Wednesday at 11:00 AM PST, 1:00 PM CST you’ll find a new show to listen to, right here at TheSITSGirls.com.


The SITS Girls will be your hosts, alternating hosting the show with Heather King and Amy Whitley. We’ll talk to influential and successful online women, to find out what works for them, what doesn’t work for them, and to discover with them what might be behind all of our mad-dashing to try to stay seen online. What happens when we let go?

For some of us this will mean experimenting with powering down literally: one day a week? A few hours a day? Every evening? Keeping business hours? No computer, no phone, during those times? Can we do it? What does it feel like?

Let’s get started! Our first podcast is ready for you! Please click on Power Down 001 in iTunes to listen as Tiffany, Amy and Heather talk about Power Down and its future.

Come along, friends. This is going to be good.

About the Author:
Heather King is the author of The Extraordinary Ordinary and an editor for Story Bleed Magazine. Each week Heather hosts Just Write at The Extraordinary Ordinary to encourage bloggers to free write, chronicling their ordinary moments in detail as a way to see the beauty in every small thing. Heather lives in Minnesota with her husband, two boys, one girl and a dog who hates the family’s three backyard chickens. She drives her minivan with pride and has finally learned to let the house be as messy as it needs to be (very, very messy) in order for her to spend loads of time with her family and words.

About Francesca

Francesca has an extensive background in content marketing, public relations, and social outreach. She oversees all Operations at Sway Group, including our robust metrics capabilities. Prior to joining the online world, Francesca oversaw viticulture and oenology at various wineries in both California and Italy, and managed regulatory affairs and facility approvals at the biotech company, Genentech. Francesca has been featured on CBS Sacramento and Food Blogger Pro’s podcast. She has also hosted an AMA webinar and spoken at Social Media World.


  • I finally got a chance to listen to your podcast. Love the theme of intimate conversations away from the computer. I listened while I worked out in the rec room.

    I think I’m lucky in that my life is naturally more powered down. My eyes just get more tired than most. But I’m learning to ask for help. This has been good for me to realize that others struggle with boundaries regarding the computer. I think I’m more old fashioned.

    Helpful conversation. You women GO!

  • Great idea, will be tuning in. We’ve had Switch Off Thursdays for a few years in our house and this started as time to read but soon became more about keeping the telly off, but still staying plugged in. This year I’m using it as a chance to get totally unplugged, get back to reading and enjoying writing in my notebook with an actual pen!

    Balance is everything and we all need an escape from the incessant tech, no matter how much we love it!

  • Jen says:

    Terrific idea! I’m thrilled to see you adding this new dimension to your site. You’ve got so much value added these days. Keep up the great work.

  • I’m three weeks into my New Year’s Resolution for Tech Free Sundays – no iPhone and no computer (I allow myself TV and landline because they weren’t the problem.) First Sunday was hard, second Sunday easier, last weekend I couldn’t wait for it to start. Have been reading entire Sunday newspaper, but biggest change is the lightening of a perpetual feeling of guilt that I needed to respond to someone about something. It’s making me slow down – I don’t need to run home and see if anyone commented on my blog or posted on FB. Everything just feels less rushed.

    Do it! (If only temporarily…)

    • HeatherEO says:

      “Everything just feels less rushed.”

      Yes, Nancy! This is just the thing. We all want to feel less rushed, and those breaks really do feel that way.

      Thank you!

  • Pippa says:

    Thank you. I really enjoyed listening to this first podcast while playing marbles with my daughter (does that count as powering down…?) It’s great to have some positive encouragement (and yes, shared permission) to switch off more. Switching off is something that has always challenged me, even before social media began to fill those moments when I would previously just have stood still at a bus stop. For me, yoga helps immensely – but I could certainly disengage from social media and indeed my computer more. I’ll start to try…

  • Kristen says:

    I think this is something that I need to do. I’ve been feeling so stressed lately, I bet it would help to Power Down and just enjoy living life again.

  • Suzy says:

    I house-sit for various dog owners in Santa Monica. One home has a computer I use to check email and twitter AND Facebook AND my blog and my Tumblr, but mainly I avail myself of their full cable TV package, which I don’t have at my house.

    One night I was at a home with a password-protected computer. Not only did I sleep like a baby that night, I found I didn’t miss it. It was like being on a desert island with Tom Hanks and that volleyball, Wilson.

    • HeatherEO says:

      Suzy, I love you, lady.

      I sleep better when there’s no computer time, too. What’s the deal with that? Apparently this stuff is over-stimulating, like those studies say. πŸ˜‰


  • Sara says:

    Oh this seems interesting, I’ve gone ahead and started listening to it! (PS never listened to a pod cast before….seriously)

    • HeatherEO says:

      It might be good you’ve never listened to one before…you can’t tell that we haven’t gotten it very fancied up yet πŸ™‚ Hopefully we’ll get a little more fancy as we go along! πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for listening!


  • Definitely something I do for myself. I have to keep my life in balance. WIll be looking forward to the podcasts.

  • What exciting news! These broadcasts will be wonderful.

  • Whitney says:

    Yeah I need to chime in too, because I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

  • Love this! I found myself so burnt out at the end of November that I took 5 weeks off until January. I came back so refreshed and ready to work. Being unplugged for a month was a huge help. I now have a schedule and follow it so I don’t get burnt out again. This is great!

    • HeatherEO says:

      Erin, that’s so inspiring! A month is a long time, and for people to see that you came back feeling great is so good. Thank you!


  • Jess says:

    Such an exciting idea! Something to do for myself during naptime πŸ™‚

  • Alexa says:

    This is a really good idea and really perfectly timed. I was LITERALLY just thinking about how I don’t know how to balance all of the “stuff” and feel like I’m overwhelmed with groups and social media and blogs to read, etc!! Thanks!

  • Very cool. I’m attempting 31 days internet free for my yearly bucket list. Which worked great on the days I had no internet access! Now I need to figure out how to do listen to the podcast πŸ™‚

    • HeatherEO says:

      Let us know if you can’t figure it out. We’ll help!

      It should just start playing for you, but if not, let us know.

      Thank you!


  • Blond Duck says:

    I CAN’T WAIT! This is what I’ve been feeling for months! Does it start next week?

    • HeatherEO says:

      Hi there!

      It started today! Just click on the link to iTunes in the post above and you’ll be able to listen. That’s the introduction podcast. Then we’ll interview guests and the first one of those will be right here, on January 30th!

      Let us know if you have questions!


  • How awesome!! And I was just thinking the other day how I need to “power down” at LEAST once a week!

  • Jenny says:

    I love this! I was away from my computer a lot over the holiday break and really loved how it felt. I was less stressed and had fewer headaches (go figure!). This year I am resolved to be online less. My klout score has suffered, but oddly enough my page views are up! I feel like the decision to put my family first is already reaping benefits… my family is happier and so am I. But I have to admit that it’s uncomfortable to take those first steps! This should be a great series.

    • HeatherEO says:

      It IS uncomfortable at first, you’re not alone in feeling that, that’s for sure!

      Thank you for your excitement about this!


  • adrienne says:

    This sounds awesome!

  • Ugochi says:

    Great! Thanks a lot as this is one thing I have been trying to achieve. I have bookmarked for a listening a bit later. Thanks a lot!