** The Power Down podcast is currently on hold while we revamp the program. Check back soon as we’ll return with the same fantastic content, but in a new format! **

Power Down is a podcast that you don’t want to miss. All of us struggle to find balance, take care of ourselves, and to do a better job juggling our many roles, online and off. It seems the path to a more peaceful daily grind is hidden under all the piles of paper and laundry and website pages. Many of us are stressed, guilt-ridden, and frustrated in our attempt to do it all. We’re left asking what needs to give.


Power Down is, at its heart, story-telling. You’ll hear from women who have asked the same questions about juggling their on-and-offline lives, and have looked for miracle answers–a checklist to a peaceful and organized life. What they’ve found varies, unique to each person, and probably isn’t what you’d expect. You’ll be inspired and you’ll laugh. You’ll relate and yes, maybe you’ll even learn some of the tips and tricks for every day balance you’ve been looking for. The reality is, none of us will ever find the perfect balance we wish we could find, but maybe together, we can learn how to find peace in the chaos.

Power Down, the podcast, will often include the SITS Girls themselves — Tiffany Romero and Francesca Banducci, as well as Heather King of The Extraordinary Ordinary and Amy Whitley of Never-True Tales and Pit Stops for Kids.


We’re so looking forward to hearing from each of our guests, many of whom you’re most likely following online. Together we’ll hear about their “behind the scenes” while we celebrate ours.

Please join us for Power Down, every other Wednesday at 1:00 PM CST / 11:00 AM PST.

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