Elf On The Shelf Printables

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Elf on the Shelf is an exciting family tradition that adds magic to the Christmas season! Everyone loves to see all the shenanigans that their Elf can find themselves in every morning. Using our Elf on the Shelf printables, now available in The Marketplace, will help to enhance the whole experience! They are as easy as a quick download and print, and take your children’s Elf experience to the next level!

These Elf on the Shelf Printables will make your kids' elf experience extra fun.

Elf On The Shelf Printables

The Elf on the Shelf printable pack adds a vibrant pop of color and excitement! Children big and small will delight in the daily discoveries and adventure! From welcome greeting, warnings, awards, notes, and Christmas activity challenges, to the goodbye letter, we’ve got you covered. All YOU need to add is the Elf!

Elf On The Shelf with a cute printable pack your kids will love.

Begin your Elf adventure with the bright and colorful welcome greeting! This friendly note sets the pace and gets the party started! The Christmas season has officially begun!

Elf On The Shelf printable pack. Super cute notes for your elf to leave each day.

Next, use the warnings and way to go awards to help your children stay on track. These are easily personalized for individual use and help to add to the fun learning experience that the Elf on the Shelf can be!

Has your child been naughty or nice? Here are Elf On The Shelf printables for either option.

The notes page can be used to add a fun little twist to any Elf scenario. They can even be tucked into lunchboxes, taped onto a bathroom mirror, or placed under a pillow. They are filled with fun little Elf sayings that keep your kids guessing and giggling!

Love these cute elf quotes on these cards. Perfect for your Elf On The Shelf to leave a giggle.

Last, the colorful goodbye letter is the perfect ending for your Elf on the Shelf. Your children will be sad to see him go, but it’s nice to read that you will see him again next year!

Elf On The Shelf GoodBye Letter - this is a super cute way to end your elf fun.

Bonus: Daily Activities

There are 16 activity cards your elf can deliver with great suggestions like donate a toy, give a hug to someone special, and even smile at everyone they meet for a day. They will help you plan fun family time during this busy season.

These Elf on the Shelf Printables will make your's kids elf experience extra fun, and the daily activity cards will make each day more magical.
You can find this cute Elf On The Shelf Printable Pack in our Marketplace, along with other cute Christmas printables you don’t want to miss.

Elf On The Shelf Printable Pack Collage

What fun (or trouble) will your elf get into this year?
Leave some ideas in the comments!

And don’t forget to head over to The Marketplace now to buy your very own Elf on the Shelf printable pack.

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