Summer is a great time to cook! There are so many choices for fresh food and produce, and the kids are home from school – it makes us long to have fun in the kitchen. Summer is also a busy season with playdates and camps and…oh yeah, a lot of grown ups don’t get a summer break, because the laundry, dishes, and bathrooms still need to be cleaned and life and work keep going. This is why we love quick and easy summer recipes that allow us to get creative and make great food without having to stand over a hot stove for hours.

Our ultimate collection of quick and easy summer recipes. You can have great food this summer without spending hours standing over a hot stove. These quick and easy recipes are perfect for hot summer days.

Quick And Easy Summer Recipes

Quick And Easy Dessert Recipes 

  • Summer Fruit Tart Recipe: Blueberry Tartlets – Smaller than a pie, but bigger than bit sized, these tartlets are the perfect size for an afternoon treat. Don’t be intimidated by making your own crust. We’ve come up with a shortbread crust that is super easy for anyone to make.
  • Easy Banana Desserts: Banana Pops – This is a fun recipe for a cold summer day. The frozen bananas will cool you down, and you can get the kids in the kitchen with you to decorate the pops.

Quick And Easy No Bake Recipes

  • Summer Recipe No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake – Cheesecake is a huge favorite of ours. You know how to make cheesecake better? By making it without heating up the house running your oven.
  • No-Bake Key Lime Pie In A Cup – This is an amazingly easy recipe, so definitely call the kids into the kitchen with you and get them involved. They will love not baking this with you. Plus it looks beautiful once assembled, and makes a great treat for a summer party.

Quick And Easy Summer Drink Recipes

  • Summer Ice Cubes With Fruit And Herbs – This is a great collection of simple recipes. All you have to do is add fruit or herbs to your ice cubes to give them flavor, and they look pretty, too. Great for jazzing up a boring glass of water or adding a touch of whimsy to your next cocktail. You need to make these for all your summer parties.