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5 simple SEO tips

By Mar 3, 2014July 8th, 201420 Comments

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As bloggers we all want organic search engine traffic. But how? The answer is simple, SEO. Figuring out SEO however is not that simple. Learning how to optimize your site and blog posts for search engine traffic takes time! There 5 SEO tips will help get you started on increasing your search engine traffic.

How to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic

SEO – aka the bane of a lot bloggers’ lives. Everyone’s heard of it, but not everyone really understands what it is, or how you should be implementing it. Here are some simple SEO tips to help you gain search traffic.

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  • Excellent SEO tips For New Website. Very supportive tips for the newbies. These tricks are must to do SEO. In SEO, it is needed to offer original content in page. Thank you.

  • Jill Rogat says:

    Just when I think I have SEO strategies completely honed, the game changes. It can be so difficult to keep up with all the updates!

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  • basit says:

    Oh Thanks You So much For revealing wounderfull seo tips . i really love to read this article becoz i need to much for post for clearing my mind about How to Optimize my Website..


  • Charlotte says:

    Sweet sweet sweet, thanks so much for this ~ on my way to learn more about SEO now!

  • Diatta says:

    This was OH so informative. I shared it with a friend who is going to begin a blog of her own. She was so grateful to receive these tips! You are awesome.

  • Great reminders!!! I enjoyed these tips so much, I went to a few of your past Blog Tips Tuesday posts. Thanks for making them so easy to understand and apply. Happy SITS day!!!

  • alicia says:


  • I’m always looking for better ways to increase SEO and more insight about it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Thank you for the tips! Just visited your blog, I like the fact that your directions are easy to follow.

  • These are GREAT tips! I just attended a program on SEO and learned so much. I think a lot of people are intimidated at the first sight of the term “SEO” (I know I was), but I really don’t think it’s as scary as it seems. I’m quickly learning that there are a lot (and I mean a lot!) of things to learn about SEO, but it’s pretty straight forward and easy to understand. So I’m just taking it one or two tips at a time. Thanks for sharing your tips! I will definitely start using them right now!

  • Thanks for sharing this post. I have info saved on plug-ins to install that will help with SEO but I haven’t found time to read them. This was short and sweet and I went back in to the post I wrote for tomorrow and changed some words around. Fingers crossed that Google finds me 🙂

  • I will try to increase my website traffic with these SEO advice. Thank you!

  • I can’t wait to read this because SEO is always so foreign to me.

  • Thanks for these tips.

  • Xuca says:

    Onpage seo and good content are best to increase traffic.
    Nice tips

  • Happy SITS day! Thanks for these tiips – great things to keep in mind! Spend so much time writing content that sometimes I forget about the next step.

  • Happy SITS day! Extremely helpful tips to focus on and to gain the desired results. Love your blog! 🙂

  • hjrocks says:


    I think seo and smo is best to increase traffic