How to Find Keywords in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is not only a great resource for finding information about your website traffic but also your keywords. Once you learn how to find keywords in Google Analytics, it can help you understand what terms are being searched to find content on your website.

Learn how to find the keywords that are brining people to your blog | SEO

How To Find Your Keywords In Google Analytics

When you first log into your Google Analytics you’ll want to select Acquisition – Search Engine Optimization – Queries. Once you have selected those options your screen will look similar to the image below (but with different search terms).


The list will typically default to the top ten results. However, you can change this on the bottom right-hand corner where it says “show rows”. You can change this to show 25, 50, or even 500!

This is an area of Google Analytics you will want to study on a regular basis. Social media traffic is wonderful, but you don’t want to have all your eggs in one basket. Building up search engine traffic will keep traffic coming to your site even when you’re not actively promoting your site.

You should look at your keywords on a monthly or quarterly basis. Use your top queries to determine what type of content you should be writing and what keywords to use. It is also a great idea to create a series of posts around your top keywords.


  • This is awesome. Thank you for sharing , I love learning here. I did not know this!!

  • I would also suggest looking more at the clicks than the impressions. The impressions show how many times your website showed up in a list of results, the clicks are the times when people actually clicked on your site. This means that not only do you know when your site was listed, but you know when it was engaged which seems more valuable to me. For example, what is it about that particular content that made it more ‘clickable’ than the other content that was seen but not clicked?

  • This didn’t work for me, it leads me to a page that says I need to enable my WebMaster tools, but I already have (or so I thought). Not sure what I’m missing here.

  • Emma says:

    Why not use Google Planer Keyword ?
    Now there are some tools suck as: Market Samurai, Long Tail Keyword…

  • Julie says:

    Apparently this isn’t set up by default. I just activated it 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    Great article! I’m all about SEO right now. Learning a lot and feeling not so overwhelmed by it now.

  • Excellent article! I had no idea this existed and appreciate the information – thanks!